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I have been loving reading people’s posts about how they are spending the cold and snowy spell indoors, and I’m really loving seeing so much appreciation for domestic space in the blogs that I follow. It is a time for loving the sheltering qualities of home. Nobody appreciates these sheltering qualities more than our mascot* […]

Niftyknits and our mascot for this season on The Hub!

I have a *thing* for Meerkats. From bouncing on the sofa excitedly at any appearance by Aleksandr Orlov on the TV to insisting on watching every annoyingly-voice-overed episode of Meerkat Manor, I cannot get enough of these animals and their behaviour. I readily sought out and absorbed Tim Clutton-Brock‘s book on the subject of Meerkat […]

2009 in knitting…a tangled yarn

I so much enjoyed reading Ruth’s knitting of 2009 post that I wanted to write one of my own. I also thought this would be a good time to see what came of the Knitting Resolutions that I penned this time last year… *WARNING! This post is Long and full of Ravelry links, so if […]

FO and Happy Christmas!

I am very excited to be typing from the midst of our Christmas celebrations and to be sitting here for the Big Day in my most recently finished FO. Mark took a few moments out from the basting, roasting, chopping, pouring, simmering and infusing in order to take some photos of me in it; here […]

Sloe socks

Currently on my knitting needles I have: Mansweater: 90% finished (after 3 ripping-out sessions, one unsuccessful placket steek and several Bad Knitting Math errors) Massive own-design UK Sheep celebratory garment: 45% finished, currently languishing on sofa awaiting for me to complete mansweater and pick it back up again Colourwork Beret: 100% finished, however adjustments and […]

News from the needles

There has been a lot of knitting going on around here lately, though you wouldn’t know it from reading this. However today I bring you the story of some sweater FAIL. It’s not quite as tragic as poor Brenda’s story concerning two failed sweaters, but it is a little bit sad. See that beautiful hem […]

The Knitting Tourist and some other Knitting News

‘This essay is meant for those who intend to work with their hands at any craft. Its subject is the serious and fundamental necessity of handwork as an essential function of the life of man.’ – Ethel & Philip Mairet, 1918, An Essay on Craft and Obedience I found this tantalising snippet of writing along […]

Current knitting adventures

Ignoring the ends I haven’t bothered to weave in, my brioche vest from Interweave Summer 2006 does not make the grade. It has not developed into the amazing summer vest of my dreams like I was hoping for. I think the stretchy brioche fabric is beautiful and I really enjoyed getting into the rhythm of […]


Did anyone else’s parents or grandparents accuse them of making ‘mud pies?’ My grandad always referred to whatever I was doing in the garden as ‘making mud pies.’ In fairness to him, I did have a penchant for mixing acorns and soil in a plastic saucepan and ‘serving’ this to my brothers as ‘dinner’ in […]


On Sunday, my S H E E P focussed field-recording show played on London’s Resonance FM as part of the Framework afield programme series. You can stream the podcast for yourself here on the Framework website, for one week only. Here are the notes. /*framework*/ – phonography / field recording; contextual and decontextualized sound activity […]

Productive day

The mics-on light in the BBC Oxford Studio Today has been a productive day. It began with editing my feature and packing up my Art Object for an hour of recording at the BBC Oxford studios. On Sunday at 9 – 10pm, on 95.2fm in Oxford or anywhere online live, you will be able to […]

FO: The Hourglass Sweater

Here I am in the gallery, listening to my headphones in the window and looking whistfully down at the darkening street below. Keen-eyed spotters will notice that I am wearing a new sweater. I cannot recommend The Hourglass Sweater highly enough to anyone who is attempting to calm themselves during a period of emotional upheaval. […]

Love is Awesome is Open!

Thaddaeus is my brother and there is no way in the world that the show would have opened yesterday without him. Not only did he lug my maple-top table from a car-park into the gallery and up the stairs, not only did he drill into the impossible walls of Gallery 10 for me to be […]

10 Joyous Things

Life is not so bad. I am extremely busy – as expected – with making Love Is Awesome work. But in between the knitting, the felt-making, the printing, the parts-ordering, the web-promotion, the emailing and the recording, I want to take the time to ennumerate 10 supremely happy things I’ve enjoyed this week, and to […]

Trying it on.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments on my last post; I really appreciate the thoughts and the wisdom that you’ve shared. For my part in the mending,I am keeping myself very busy. So let us not tarry on matters of the heart, but instead enjoy a rousing exploration of the economics of the unsolicited knitwear […]

The Impatient Knitter

Does anyone remember this satanic evilness? It is the long-ago abandoned Moonlight Sonata Shawl project in Fleece Artist Goldiehair and it has now to my deepest relief, been frogged and repurposed for an alternative project. I have been trying to design some patterns recently and after a few false starts, some really bad maths, lots […]


This time of year is all about the secrets. Today I have been secretly knitting something joyous, which can be shared (happily) on Ravelry, since the intended recipient of this particular gift is not a Raveller. All I will say is that I am even more in love with the Fyberspates Robin colourway now than […]

Knitted Vegetable Workshop

On my Eat Your Greens post, Susan asked me if I had ever knit a potato. At the time of that post, I confess that I hadn’t, and I found myself saddened by having to respond to the question in the negative. I have fixed that now and can confidently assert that indeed I have […]

Last minute preparations

I have but one and a half of our delicious squashkins left, for I just grated the other half into a squash/ginger cake for tonight’s workshop attendees. I have also loaded all the wool assembled so far into a very large suitcase. Nobody is going to be short of any desired colour, that’s for sure… […]

Vegspiration 2

Knit your own vegetables in this imaginative workshop led by artist, knitter, writer and gardener, Felix. In this workshop you will: Learn how to organise your waste yarn for maximum vegetable-knitting   inspiration Learn techniques for improvising vegetables in the round Start knitting a vegetable of your choice and leave with all the materials you need […]

Stupid WordPress!

The carefully composed piece I just wrote about clothes, wool-winding, wardrobe healing etc. has all been demolished by some stupid, ‘Internal server error’ in WordPress. I am too annoyed to re-write it! But look: I wound all my wool! Thanks Ruth for all the help with winding the wool and wow, I won’t be buying […]

The Shed of Dreams

I have fallen deeply, madly and passionately in love with my little feedback shed. I do not need or want or have the space for a garden shed in my life and so I will not be keeping it in any long-term way. I also know that if it ever comes home with me, it […]


The wonderful Lisa Busby of Sleeps in Oysters emailed me today via Ravelry to ask whether or not I was planning on entering the Ravelympics. ‘What is this Ravelympics?’ I wondered, and quickly went off to search the groups, forums and project posts of the wondrous Ravelry. Shortly after this, I had organised my current […]

FO: Maven

In my week of finishing things, today’s completion involves Maven, the bag I started knitting AGES ago, designed by Courtney Stansbury of Pink Lady Knits, and based on Carrie’s clutch in an episode of SATC. I modified the design quite heavily, basically getting the nice, trapezoid shape decreases from Courtney’s design and then going off […]

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