FO: Walk 2012 socks
FO: Walk 2012 socks

For further info, please do visit Mark’s Walk2012 blog, where he has written his own review of the custom-made Walk2012 birthday socks! Ravelled here. Also, for further wool/Olympics fusions, check out this petition launched by the NFU, calling for British Wool to be represented at the Olympics.

FO: Shimmer Socks

Ah, fine, finished socks in Skeinqueen Blissful Yarn… how I love you. How I wish that my unsatisfying phone-camera photo could adequately convey your truly beautiful colours, which remind me of the wild plants crowding the verges beside the A4074, and all the greens I’ve noticed lately on my walks; Or the sweet detail of […]

Around the A4074 this month…

I’m clearing out my camera and finding evidence and reminders of all the things I’ve done so far this July in my explorations of The A4074. Firstly, I’ve been trying to discover what plant this is. It grows all along the verges beside the road for miles around Ipsden, and it looks to me like […]

Soundwalk – 18th July 2010, World Listening Day

I have been busy handprinting maps for the forthcoming Soundwalk this Sunday, 18th July, which is to take place in Warborough, Oxfordshire. There is a permanent page about the event here. The Soundwalk has been designed to coincide with World Listening Day, which has been organised by The World Listening Project. Here is some information […]

The hunt for owl sounds and a mystery bird…

Last Friday I once again walked the length of the A4074 overnight, using the surrounding footpaths. This time Mark came with me and he has posted a beautiful account here of the experience from his perspective. He took some amazing photographs (which you can see in his post) – my favourite one being this one, […]

Speed and time

One of the things that is amazing me about the A4074 walks, is how fast things moves in nature, and how quickly things change from week to week on the ground. For instance these poppies – which were only just out a couple of weeks ago – have finished flowering now and are already nursing […]

Soundwalk 5: the meta data

What do the RAF Base at Benson, my Type Trumps birdthay present from Mark, and the designs I have been working on for my Soundwalk have in common? Type Trumps 2: image held here, and game available to buy here. The answer is, the Transport font by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert. You can read […]

Maps then and now

My proposed soundwalk on 18th July is going to hopefully coincide with The Warborough and Shillingford Festival; I am working this out with the organisers and would love some feedback from you folks. I am thinking about 10 people is the maximum number of people for a listening forray; if the numbers get a lot […]

Soundwalk 4: coinciding with a festival!

So it turns out that my proposed soundwalk in Warborough is going to be taking place on the same date as the Warborough and Shillingford Festival. I’m treating this as a really joyous coincidence. I have telephoned the festival chairperson and the man responsible for sound and music on Sunday to ask if there is […]

Soundwalk 3: The Kit

As you know I’ve been experimenting with the Walking/Recording kit lately. I have tried a FOSTEX FR-2LE field recorder, (bulky but apparently amazing) my trusty Edirol, (I have been using this for so many years it’s like an extension of my own ears, but unfortunately it doesn’t have the power to deal with THE WIND) […]

Soundwalk 2: The Nocturnalist

So on Monday night I walked the entire length of my A4074 route overnight. Sandford-on-Thames, around 8.30pm Including the journeys to and from the station at each end, and the long wander at either end of the trip to the start and from the finish of the actual walk, I reckon all in the entire […]

Soundwalk 1: researching the pathways

Views across from Warborough to Wittenham Clumps I have spent the past few days researching how best to present the soundwalk that I am planning to instigate on Sunday July 18th around a section of the A4074 for World Listening Day. Documentation of this event will be included in the A4074 radio show that I […]

31.14 miles: the A4074 walk part 1

I have written several times here about a project I’ve been developing that I’ve referred to as The A4074 project. The A4074 is a road that lies between Reading (where I live) and Oxford (where I work) and I drive it very often – sometimes 3 or 4 times a week. To make a conservative […]

The Recording Kit

Last weekend, Mark and I attempted the third of several walks I am plotting along the A4074, in order to map out the best routes for 1. a Sound Walk planned for World Listening Day (18th July) and 2. the A4074 radio show/podcast production I am currently developing, as my final PhD project. After seeking […]

FO: Swaledale Socks #2

The second pair of Swaledale Sonic Socks is finished! The first pair is described here, and my thoughts when I cast on the second pair in January, are here. The first pair had a very maritime theme, especially because of the beautiful swaledale yarn and its soft crunchiness, which reminds me of the sandy beaches […]

The LISTEN hatâ„¢

I had another look through the Sound Art To-Do-List and was gratified to see that I am (mostly) on track with various sound-related projects and jobs at the moment. The recent counting prevails with WW points, £-watch and some happy knitting maths. It turns out that a 15-stitch-wide S is not an easy thing to […]

FO: Wazz’s Woollen Winter Walking Outfit and Turn a Square pattern mashup

Two of my favourite patterns; Wazz’s Woollen Winter Walking Outfit #1 and Jared Flood’s Turn a Square pattern, mashed up into one happy hat of joy, to be given as a gift to my Grandad – who I hope does not know about my blog. If you *do* read this, Grand Pappy Wilf, Happy Birthday! […]

Mothering Sunday

Today when I switched on my computer I noticed that Google is using this image of a ewe and a lamb for Mothering Sunday. This reminded me that last week on Lambing Live I learned that the Swaledale Sheep breed is renowned for the good maternal skills of its ewes. Swaledales, it turns out, are […]


Last Thursday myself and Lara went off to Edinburgh to have adventures and to visit Kate. Kate’s own words on her recovery and rehab are absolutely brilliant and I feel there is not much that I can add; just that it was amazing to see her, that she is every bit as dignified, strong and […]

Good weekends

I’ve had two good weekends on the trot now, and it’s made me think about what makes a weekend good and what things I love doing on the weekend – especially when the weeks are extremely busy! Last weekend it was Lara’s birthday and so after my day spent at Didcot Railway Centre recording the […]

Putney – Guildford Bestiary

This weekend Mark and I set off to explore another 30-mile section of the Walk 2012 project, this time exploring various trails between Putney Bridge and Guildford. I am sure Mark will write in more detail about the route on his blog, but in the meantime I thought I’d share with you a selection of […]


I SPY in the country has become my most entrusted creative companion. For the past month I haven’t left the house without it, and my knowledge of the countryside around Oxfordshire and Berkshire has genuinely broadened through organising interviews and visits connected with investigating all the items contained within its beautiful, vintage pages. I was […]

Site specific socks

I really enjoyed reading Kate’s recent post on walking and how we build up imaginative representations of places as we patrol them. It made me think about my familiar routes, the places which I habitually visit, the things I note along the way, and how I remember places. Pigeons in the snow in Palmer Park, […]

Discovering a love for snow

Looking at all the beautiful photos of snow on other people’s blogs of late, I have been feeling a little ashamed of my own comparitively negative response. You see I have not until today, been especially enjoying the snow. I have not been able to muster up the enthusiasm to create an amazing snowman or […]

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