Shetland Oo song…

Shetland Wool Week is amazing!

There is so, so much to say and definitely not time to write it all now. However I have written a song which I performed rather badly but with great gusto at the end of my talk, “Listening to Shetland Oo” and I thought that those of you who were not there might like to read the words;

SHETLAND WOOL by Felicity Ford

I live in Reading, 800 miles from here,
It’s famous for brickwork, seed packets and beer,
And… like… much of the UK…
Once famous for it’s wool, but not so, today!
Memories are all that we’ve got,
Of our once-famous sheep-breed “The Berkshire Nott“,
Alas, this fine animal is now extinct,
The last vestige of its genes is in the Hampshire Down I think?


If places were graded and sorted for their wool
Then Shetland would be an ACE, 1-star, and full marks
while Berkshire would be down there round about nine,
Unusably coarse and not very fine!!!

Yes, I live in Reading, and I like its beer…
Its brickwork brings me inspirational cheer,
And I like to gather from familiar streets,
ideas to turn into hand-knitted treats…
But – oh no! – what can I use, to knit my ideas?
You can’t knit colourwork from seed packets and beers…
What I need, is wool, that is soft and yet strong,
That’s bouncy from sheep that are short-tailed not long


If places were graded and sorted for sheep
Then Shetland would be at the top of the heap,
With its kindly-fleeced sheep breed, and also its rough –

I live in Reading, and I visited these isles…
And I am blown away, but not just by your textiles…
But also a deep sense of connection with place,
A feeling that wool and landscape grow together,
Surrounded by ocean and shaped by the weather,
Stories of fishing and knitting entwined…
A High Street of KNITWEAR that will blow your mind!!!


If places were graded and sorted for knits,
For gloves, socks and mittens, and hand-dyed yarn kits,
Then Shetland would surely get the top grade,
For all of the “maakin'” and all that gets made?

I live in Reading, with my cat, and my man,
And I love it there but I do hope I can
Return here often, to listen to terns,
To go up on the peat hills and hear the burns,
To listen to Shima machines, record the looms,
And revel in knowing that the Shetland Isles,
Are still rocking the world with amazing textiles…

That unlike in some other parts of the UK,
The wool industry here is still thriving today,
That people here still know that knitwear is hip,


If… places were graded and sorted like wool,
then Shetland would be an ACE, 1-star, and full marks,
And I am so happy to be here to share
This wonderful textile that we should all wear.


ETA: the song was filmed and recorded by Liz Musser, so that you can now learn the tune if you want to sing along! The film is here on YouTube if the version I’ve embedded below doesn’t quite work…

13 Responses to Shetland Oo song…

  1. Ühltje says:

    That picture of you sums it up so well! Which of course tells you that I’m actually a more visual than auditive person.

  2. colleen says:

    So very Felix. Has made me happy for the day.

  3. laliloo says:

    *Massive round of applause* That has made me properly smile. Thanks Felix. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week.

  4. Jen says:

    Wow ! You put your heart into things so well. (and microphones too.) 🙂

    Gotta little jokey sort of thing. While recording lately (tunes) my duo mate and I have gotten into the habit of referring to the mic as a person called Mike. We always get a laugh out of it. You might too, if when, recording someone, try introducing them to ‘michael… michael fohn’ 🙂 ha ha. Silly , I know.

  5. Joanne A Sinclair-Muir says:

    Your poem says it all! Thank you. You are so very talented. It would make a good book for children to teach the process of wool making and knitting the Shetland way.



  6. Mark says:

    Thank you for singing the song over Skype yesterday, what a fine, spirited tune you have made 🙂

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  8. Claudia says:

    I’ve heard the lecture that evening and enjoyed it very much.
    It would be wonderful if you could record the song, so I can hear it again; together with the other sounds you recorded for woolweek.

  9. Rosa Pomar says:

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  10. Chantelle says:

    I love your song! Nice jumper too 🙂

  11. Caroline says:

    Awesome song! Yay! Xxx

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