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Discovering a love for snow

Looking at all the beautiful photos of snow on other people’s blogs of late, I have been feeling a little ashamed of my own comparitively negative response. You see I have not until today, been especially enjoying the snow. I have not been able to muster up the enthusiasm to create an amazing snowman or […]

Of mixtapes and men…

Genius to fall asleep to your tape last night So warm Sounds go through the muscles These abstract wordless movements They start off cells that haven’t been touched before These cells are virgins Waking up slowly My headphones They saved my life Your tape It lulled me to sleep Nothing will be the same I’m […]

Knitting: FOs, feelings, future plans…

I have an instinct at the moment to completely swathe myself from head to toe in handknits like Bjork in the video for cocoon or Tita in the film Like Water for Chocolate. Yesterday, walking to knitting at the Royal Oak Pub along the Banbury road, I found an exciting side-street. The road is called […]

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