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Heston’s Feasts: costly & pointless, Discuss.

A small exchange on Twitter with one of my favourite contemporary writers/thinkers has prompted me to write and think a little about Heston’s feasts. I have been watching Heston’s Feasts with a mix of anticipation, intrepidation and curiosity. The episodes so far have gotten me thinking about food, imagination, ingredients, history, grand feasting traditions, the […]

Cakes and Biscuits

Hurrah for the random Internet with which I am presently blessed. Since I haven’t lost the connection, I am going to write about cakes and biscuits as I have been thinking about them recently. Some of the Things that I moved to this home from my last include a (by now inedible) special-edition cake acquired […]

Bobby Baker reviewed

I was delighted today to discover that the review I wrote  of Bobby Baker’s Bumper Package is linked from her official website! To celebrate, I re-present it here. Bobby Baker’s BUMPER PACKAGE Toynbee Studios, London 8 – 9 March 2008 Reviewed by: Felicity Ford Bobby Baker’s work achieves an amazing resonance among women because the […]

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