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My Street
My Street

…of the illustrious return of the annual gift.

On Printing Bricks
On Printing Bricks

…of Bricks, Charting, Printing, and Knitting.

Sound Objects at the Old Fire Station in Oxford
Sound Objects at the Old Fire Station in Oxford

…of Felicity Ford products in the Old Fire Station Art Gallery shop in Oxford.

Mixtapes and Messy Tuesdays
Mixtapes and Messy Tuesdays

I was so excited to read Kirsty’s post reviving the Messy Tuesdays concept that I immediately vowed to write a Messy Tuesdays post of my own this week. Happily I am never short of a creative mess or two (or three or four or five…) to document on Messy Tuesdays, and the affirmative power of […]

Tea and Biscuits
Tea and Biscuits

The past few months have been manic. Since my PhD studies came to an end and my AHRC funding ran out, I am relying 100% on my own wits and skills to make an income. I am trading as a self-employed artist, which is not the fantastically high-paid profession that one might hope. However, I […]

Sound:Site – Thanks everyone!
Sound:Site - Thanks everyone!

Thanks to everyone who was involved in Sound:Site. I hope everyone came away with something… with ideas about what it means to record sounds and with ideas about how we can play more in the world. I really loved the whole day, and have huge respect for all the projects and artists who represented their […]

Sound:Site festival information
Sound:Site festival information

Venue: South Hill Park, Bracknell, RG12 7PA. UK Box Office: Tel 01344 484123 Sound:Site – Sonic Arts Festival Date: Saturday 2nd October Time: 10.00-5.30pm / 7.00pm evening concert Tickets: £26.00 / £18.00 (students/membs) Box Office: 01344 484123 Talks and demonstrations exploring the Internet as a destination for making and showing artwork, for sharing sounds, bringing […]

FO: Lyttelton

Back in May I cast on the stitches for my Lyttelton in Blacker Designs‘ 4-ply, organic, pale blue Corriedale. This exact shade appears to be no longer in stock, but if I was knitting Lyttelton again, I’d stick with the Corriedale and maybe knit the design in blue denim, turquoise, or the beautiful olive green […]

The LISTEN hatâ„¢

I had another look through the Sound Art To-Do-List and was gratified to see that I am (mostly) on track with various sound-related projects and jobs at the moment. The recent counting prevails with WW points, £-watch and some happy knitting maths. It turns out that a 15-stitch-wide S is not an easy thing to […]

Generosity and Numbers

This weeks’ numbers are all about generosity. Not only have I been generous to myself with my WW points (woops!) but I have also been given many things this week that have made me think about gifts and the role that kindness plays in material sustenance. For instance Liz turned up at Sticks’n’String this week […]

FO – Tweed Bag

I am sorry to bore you all to death with yet another one of these bags. However I cannot stop myself from making this pattern; everytime I turn out those cute pockets I begin visualising yet another lining/outer fabric combo and when I surveyed the moth-eaten pile of ebay-won Harris Tweed left over from the […]


I got back from Edinburgh to discover that my bank have cancelled my overdraft facility. This is good on one hand as it means I am not constantly living in overdraft mode; however it is also bad as it means I have far less money this month than I was budgeting for. The situation is […]

Gentle Fire

Gentle Fire is a bit of an obsession for me; it is an Alvin Lucier score which I have written about before, and what fascinates me is its imaginative, material treatment of sound. I find it really interesting that realising any version of the score involves collecting sounds from life – a process which me […]


I was extremely taken with the Maud when Kate posted about it originally, and immediately vowed to make one once I read her directions on this traditional garment. Additionally, I was struck by both Kate and Rachael’s posts about Harris Tweed, and decided my Maud should be made with this stuff. I went in search […]

FO and Happy Christmas!

I am very excited to be typing from the midst of our Christmas celebrations and to be sitting here for the Big Day in my most recently finished FO. Mark took a few moments out from the basting, roasting, chopping, pouring, simmering and infusing in order to take some photos of me in it; here […]


Did anyone else’s parents or grandparents accuse them of making ‘mud pies?’ My grandad always referred to whatever I was doing in the garden as ‘making mud pies.’ In fairness to him, I did have a penchant for mixing acorns and soil in a plastic saucepan and ‘serving’ this to my brothers as ‘dinner’ in […]

Monkl’s Review of Love is Awesome

Usually – at least according to Monkl – there are not enough bananas in modern Art shows. So when Monkl came to Love is Awesome, he took a banana along with him and put it there. Then he knew it was going to be a good show. Monkl loves his knitted banana: to his mind […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LOVE IS AWESOME OPENS ON VALENTINE’S DAY IN READING, BERKSHIRE Artists Felicity Ford, Rachael Matthews, Stavroula Kounadea and Emmylou Laird are opening their show on Valentine’s day 2009 to offer new perspectives on the idea that LOVE IS AWESOME. LOVE IS AWESOME is a mischievous, offbeat celebration of the awesomeness of love. […]

Personal Treasures

Object play – for adults as well as children – engages the heart as well as the mind; it is a source of inner vitality…during all stages of life we continue to search for objects that we can experience as both within and outside of the self. – Sherry Turkle, What makes an object evocative? […]

FO: The Feedback Shed Artistbook

I finished the Feedback Shed Artistbook today. More about this tomorrow, right now? Wine with my man to celebrate.    

The Shed of Dreams

I have fallen deeply, madly and passionately in love with my little feedback shed. I do not need or want or have the space for a garden shed in my life and so I will not be keeping it in any long-term way. I also know that if it ever comes home with me, it […]

Magic Hour

On arriving back from my holidays I found myself faced with a new job. The job is amazing; it is to think up creative ways of getting feedback from people about their experiences at Magic Hour. Magic Hour is the latest exciting endeavour from Oxford Contemporary Music. I love working with Oxford Contemporary Music and […]

Cake cards

I appear to be making cake-themed stationery. Every single surface in my studio is covered in bits of paper with cake-printed images on them with ink in various stages of dryness. This all started some months ago when, on swap-bot, Susi joined a sound-based swap I was running and then, after reading my profile, decided […]

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