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Sound hunting

Some of you may remember the top twenty irritating noise chart show that was a feature in The Fantastical Reality Radio Show. In order to collate the top twenty chart, I went in search of the noises people cited as being irritating. I got most of these sounds recorded but one sound in particular was […]

Learning the ropes…

I won’t bore you with loads of details re: WordPress. Let’s just say I’m learning. What I really want to do now, though, is get all editions of the Fantastical Reality Radio Show up in the podcast player I just installed. Let’s see how this goes…

Hop-Scotching with Felix

I am loving Liz’s Hopscotch sock pattern. Although I have to concentrate on it quite hard, most of the charts are quite easy to memorise and I love the way the lemon and lime yarn by Woolhunter knits up. I enjoy having the time and space to do a pattern which causes me to look […]

A giant finishing

In this week of finishing things off, The Fantastical Reality Radio Show in association with Mundane Appreciation has officially been completed. You can download all 5 shows as mp3s from our website at It has been an amazing project, a collaboration in which I’ve learned hugely. Kayla and Claudia of Mundane Appreciation are an […]

Positive and Negative…

I have been wondering a bit about the potential ‘negativity’ of the Irritate-O-Meter, and asking myself whether it really is actually ‘negative’ to focus on the sounds that people find difficult in the everyday soundscape. From reading my PhD document, it ought to be obvious that I am all about finding new ways of celebrating […]

Washing up: What’s your type?

Since today is Messy Tuesday, I thought I’d share the ‘Washing-Up: which type are you?’ key that I just devised for our FRRS Activity Booklet & Evening tomorrow at SLOUNGE, with a partciular emphasis on Type C. But before I explain about the washing-up types and accompanying button badges, I’d better explain about SLOUNGE. Organised […]

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