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Press Pause
Press Pause

…of standing still to hear.

Four Years of Sound Diaries
Four Years of Sound Diaries

…of Sound Diaries, and recording everyday life in sound.

Pauline Oliveros’s Listening Questions
Pauline Oliveros's Listening Questions

…of Messy Tuesdays, sorting out piles of paper, questioning and exploring the practice of Pauline Oliveros, and Deep Listening.

World Listening Day, 2011
World Listening Day, 2011

…of non-sonic reasons for making field recordings and sounds as a socio-political-imaginative currency.

Tuned City #2 – Transphere
Tuned City #2 - Transphere

…of moving the sounds around, engaging the public, creating new kinds of discussions about sounds, and playing in the streets in a new way.

Tuned City #1
Tuned City #1

…of Tallinn, tuning the city, and finding the local phonographic lore in strange lands, through creative practices.

Our Working Lives
Our Working Lives

…of working lives, oral histories, the power of story, Joe Stevens’ Our Working Lives project, and Poole.

The meta data
The meta data

…of sonic meta-data, meta-data badges, meta-tags for another year, and the beginnings and endings of many things.

Sound:Site – Thanks everyone!
Sound:Site - Thanks everyone!

Thanks to everyone who was involved in Sound:Site. I hope everyone came away with something… with ideas about what it means to record sounds and with ideas about how we can play more in the world. I really loved the whole day, and have huge respect for all the projects and artists who represented their […]

Brain food
Brain food

I had two especially  interesting culinary conversations with folks at Sounding Out last week. The first was occasioned by Chris Chafe’s presentation and in particular the section concerning his ‘Tomato Quintet,’ and the second one involved a discussion about blog stats with Marcus Leadley – a fellow artist who, like myself, sometimes blogs about academic, […]

Back to School
Back to School

It has been a good week. I enjoyed writing and presenting my paper on Wednesday at Sounding Out 5 and meeting the other folks there. My paper was about my use of radio as an artist and how sound is important to me in terms of both discovering a sense of place, and being able […]

Knitting, Sounds, & Good Weekends continued…

I posted a few months ago about the importance of Good Weekends and so far, that is what today and tomorrow are shaping up to be. Incidentally, the grunting pigs sound which I posted from Mudchute Farm on that post is now up on the UK SoundMap (my new favourite thing!) and The London Sound […]

Soundwalk 3: The Kit

As you know I’ve been experimenting with the Walking/Recording kit lately. I have tried a FOSTEX FR-2LE field recorder, (bulky but apparently amazing) my trusty Edirol, (I have been using this for so many years it’s like an extension of my own ears, but unfortunately it doesn’t have the power to deal with THE WIND) […]

Soundwalk 2: The Nocturnalist

So on Monday night I walked the entire length of my A4074 route overnight. Sandford-on-Thames, around 8.30pm Including the journeys to and from the station at each end, and the long wander at either end of the trip to the start and from the finish of the actual walk, I reckon all in the entire […]

Soundwalk 1: researching the pathways

Views across from Warborough to Wittenham Clumps I have spent the past few days researching how best to present the soundwalk that I am planning to instigate on Sunday July 18th around a section of the A4074 for World Listening Day. Documentation of this event will be included in the A4074 radio show that I […]

The London Sound Survey

I first discovered The London Sound Survey when Ian Rawes – the site’s inventor – mentioned a recording he had made in a carwash on the phonography group message board. ‘What a great sound to record’ I mused to myself and clicked through to hear it. I was astonished to find not only the car […]

The Sonic Tuck Shop

The Sonic Tuck Shop is an installation that I finished putting up in Reading on Friday, and it will remain up for about 3 weeks. Last week, the now derelict KIK SPORTS shop was looking like this: …now it looks like this: The window display extends the original idea of The Sonic Tuck Shop installation […]

Thursday’s numbers

973846284648230473 is the number of messages left on various answerphones around Reading on Thursday when keys to the installation space for The Sonic Tuck Shop were nowhere to be found! 5.5 is the number of weight watchers points in a whole packet of Ainsley Harriott’s amazing Citrus Kick couscous. Couscous is an amazing lunch when […]

The Recording Kit

Last weekend, Mark and I attempted the third of several walks I am plotting along the A4074, in order to map out the best routes for 1. a Sound Walk planned for World Listening Day (18th July) and 2. the A4074 radio show/podcast production I am currently developing, as my final PhD project. After seeking […]

Sonic Death Monkey

Several online sound projects have come to my attention and it seems that either my subscribing to sound blogs etc. has reached saturation point, or else every other website I look at has suddenly decided to develop a sonic element to their online presence. I have been planning my ideas for World Listening Day, and […]

The LISTEN hatâ„¢ part 2

The LISTEN hatâ„¢ saga continues. Here is my first prototype, which I am about to frog. It ended up becoming awfully busy, as my child’s-painting approach to the exciting colours overwhelmed me and I decided to use ALL the colours, in very close proximity to one another, and in an ill-conceived dog’s dinner of a […]

Sound list for Dorrie

I have written before about the lovely Dorrie – who I’ve known since I was 11, and who is my oldest friend. You may remember my writing about her Spirit Paintings exhibition 2 years ago. For some years now I have maintained Dorrie’s website and until a few months ago, Dorrie was not online very […]

The LISTEN hatâ„¢

I had another look through the Sound Art To-Do-List and was gratified to see that I am (mostly) on track with various sound-related projects and jobs at the moment. The recent counting prevails with WW points, £-watch and some happy knitting maths. It turns out that a 15-stitch-wide S is not an easy thing to […]

The Sonic Tuck Shop book…

All the writing about/thinking about food has inspired me to develop The Sonic Tuck Shop installation idea into a book form. POP – the final design for my own-design, handprinted paper bags, in which popcorn was served at Sonic Art Oxford. There is more about the design process/ideas here. At the opening night of Sonic […]

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