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notes from the past few days
notes from the past few days

…of the Off The Page festival in Whitstable, the Audiograft festival in Oxford, finding co-conspirators, and discovering one’s musical ancestors.

Harp and Things for Active Crossover
Harp and Things for Active Crossover

I am working on a new piece for a performance next Friday at The Rising Sun Arts Centre in Reading. The performance is part of Active Crossover; a project by Simon Whetham. Here is some information on Active Crossover: Active Crossover 2011 ‘Active Crossover’ will be running in four gallery spaces in the year 2011. […]

a POP post

Yesterday I received a most pleasing packet in the post; this one came from smallPRINT records and contained an order I placed last week in the midst of working on The Sonic Tuck Shop book; apropos, a hand-packaged CD featuring the Sonic Catering Band’s live popcorn-performance in Linz, entitled Popkorn. I am very much enjoying […]

Music as Local Produce

Mark took this photo of me a couple of weekends ago; the gentleman in the photo is from the Alvechurch Morris side. I learned in this discussion that in former times, his black-face and raggedy clothes were a necessary disguise. Apparently border Morris (from the Welsh/English borders) originated in cold Winter months, when agricultural labourers […]

The best mixtape anyone ever made me!

The extremely long drive from Cumbria to London and back to Reading on Wednesday was smoothed out massively by a really excellent mixtape that Phillipa sent to me. Rachael and I had our ears filled with rich audio goodness from the lake district to home because of the smart, exuberant selection she included. Listening several […]

Of mixtapes and men…

Genius to fall asleep to your tape last night So warm Sounds go through the muscles These abstract wordless movements They start off cells that haven’t been touched before These cells are virgins Waking up slowly My headphones They saved my life Your tape It lulled me to sleep Nothing will be the same I’m […]

Messy Tuesdays in 2009

Who remembers Messy Tuesdays? This morning I have briefly enjoyed re-reading about the various messes that people have honoured and mentioned in the past, and posts about messy knitting needle-jars, bags of selvedge, unwashed dishes etc. have given me hope and made me feel that I am not alone in my struggle with STUFF. It […]

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