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FO: Deco Cardigan
FO: Deco Cardigan

…of Art Deco buildings and Kate Davies’ Deco cardigan design.

Bricks, Knitting, Biscuits and imaginative diversions
Bricks, Knitting, Biscuits and imaginative diversions

…of knitting, hat-patterns, Huntley & Palmer’s factory, biscuits, BISKITS, Victorian brickwork, water-powered flour mills and other glorious digressions.

Uses and Abuses of Phonography
Uses and Abuses of Phonography

…of the uses and abuses of phonography.

But is it fArt?
But is it fArt?

…of economics, insults and rudeness.

Katesgrove and Reading Bricks
Katesgrove and Reading Bricks

I have learned from my copy of “Waterloo Sunrise” that the district in which I live is called Katesgrove, and that this area of Reading once housed three kilns from whence the many bricks required to build the town’s Victorian terraced houses came. Our search for the redbrick history of Reading begins at Katesgrove Lane, […]

Biscuitopolis & The Mad March Hare…
Biscuitopolis & The Mad March Hare...

A couple of Sundays back, the Sticks’n’String knitters plus some Bluestockings came over for a yarn-swap and a tasty feast. The rules were simply that everyone should bring some kind of local fare for the table plus some yarn to swap. Everyone bought amazing things to eat – pies, sausages, cheeses, cakes, chutneys etc. – […]

The weir

(near the Oracle…) On the approach to the weir, a louder & louder ROAR becomes evident… a deep, dangerous, powerful DIN.

Various Buttons

Those of you who downloaded and listened to my first experiment in podcasting – The Wandering Maker – will already be familiar with my interest in Various Buttons and my fascination with the buttons found at the bottom of the Thames by the Thames Mudlarks. I love the idea of this eclectic mix of buttons […]


Today’s proposed walk was not as extensive as I had planned since I was feeling domestic rather than intrepid and I have two knitting projects that I just can’t put down at the moment! Additionally my bedsit is enjoying a period of relative order, which means that I like being in it. In other happy, […]

FO: The Hourglass Sweater

Here I am in the gallery, listening to my headphones in the window and looking whistfully down at the darkening street below. Keen-eyed spotters will notice that I am wearing a new sweater. I cannot recommend The Hourglass Sweater highly enough to anyone who is attempting to calm themselves during a period of emotional upheaval. […]

Love Assignment #4: Find beauty in the city

This assignment comes from Anna Francis, who runs and manages there is beauty in the city on the project blog. You too can take part in ‘there is beauty in the city’ by visiting the blog and writing to Anna. Alternatively, you can pick up a magnet pack from the Love Is Awesome exhibition, as […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LOVE IS AWESOME OPENS ON VALENTINE’S DAY IN READING, BERKSHIRE Artists Felicity Ford, Rachael Matthews, Stavroula Kounadea and Emmylou Laird are opening their show on Valentine’s day 2009 to offer new perspectives on the idea that LOVE IS AWESOME. LOVE IS AWESOME is a mischievous, offbeat celebration of the awesomeness of love. […]

Cooking with Banana Leaves

Ever since I read the recipe for fish cooked in banana leaves, I was filled with desire. But Banana leaves proved to be A. not very plentiful in the shopping precincts of Berkshire and B. impossible to grow. So I abandoned the mission. Until, that is, I saw the formerly unobtainable leaves glistening with promise […]

Keeping Warm

Lacking the great, roaring, open fires of my dreams to permanently keep me at an agreeable temperature, I have decided to resort to spicy food for inner warmth and to ward off the feeling of coldness that has begun to creep in lately. Luckily Mark has an excellent book of Asian recipes and we have […]

Reading: An Open Gallery, some sonic experiences

It is also possible to experience many sounds in Reading: An Open Gallery. At the bottom of this page, you will find a sound curated and experienced during Reading: An Open Gallery. The noise machine, permanent sonic installation, under railway bridge, A329 Road, artist unknown. A testimony to industry and modernism, this immense work acts […]

Reading: Different Scales

One of the other things we noticed whilst travelling around Reading: An Open Gallery, was that many works we encountered caused us to investigate the scale of either ourselves or the exhibit we were experiencing. Take, for instance, the chairs positioned on the pavement outside the Autistic Shop. In this shot they are obscured behind […]

Animal Art in Reading

Continuing with the theme of Reading: An Open Gallery, I wanted today to look at representations of animals in Reading. Most intriguing was this sign, hanging beside the Rising Sun Arts Centre on Silverstreet, Reading. Beware of the dog, paint, wood, site-specific installation, Silverstreet, Reading, Artist Unknown. The handmade qualities of the sign coupled with […]

Reading: An Open Gallery

I am fascinated by the idea that the context in which we view things changes our relationship to them. Take, for instance, Duchamp’s Fountain or any of the exercises in Roger Pol Droit’s 101 experiments in the philosophy of everyday life. Whether recontextualising a urinal as Art or Becoming Music as a philosophical exercise, a […]

Vegspiration 2

Knit your own vegetables in this imaginative workshop led by artist, knitter, writer and gardener, Felix. In this workshop you will: Learn how to organise your waste yarn for maximum vegetable-knitting   inspiration Learn techniques for improvising vegetables in the round Start knitting a vegetable of your choice and leave with all the materials you need […]

20 miles

I was very excited to discover this sign. I felt creative Nirvana was evidently up ahead. Alas, it refers instead to boats on the Kennet and Avon Canal. But I made Mark take a photo of me experiencing All Craft Elation anyway. Before yesterday I had never knowingly walked 20 miles in a day. Driving […]

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