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Tuned City #2 – Transphere
Tuned City #2 - Transphere

…of moving the sounds around, engaging the public, creating new kinds of discussions about sounds, and playing in the streets in a new way.

Sound:Site festival information
Sound:Site festival information

Venue: South Hill Park, Bracknell, RG12 7PA. UK Box Office: Tel 01344 484123 Sound:Site – Sonic Arts Festival Date: Saturday 2nd October Time: 10.00-5.30pm / 7.00pm evening concert Tickets: £26.00 / £18.00 (students/membs) Box Office: 01344 484123 Talks and demonstrations exploring the Internet as a destination for making and showing artwork, for sharing sounds, bringing […]

Brain food
Brain food

I had two especially  interesting culinary conversations with folks at Sounding Out last week. The first was occasioned by Chris Chafe’s presentation and in particular the section concerning his ‘Tomato Quintet,’ and the second one involved a discussion about blog stats with Marcus Leadley – a fellow artist who, like myself, sometimes blogs about academic, […]

My busted Atlas

A not-very-useful-anymore Road Atlas. Liz and Ellen were both amused when I texted them to enquire whether either of them possessed a Road Atlas ‘since I made a collage out of mine.’ I think Ellen thought I was joking until she pulled mine out of the passenger door on the way to Stirling, opened the […]

a POP post

Yesterday I received a most pleasing packet in the post; this one came from smallPRINT records and contained an order I placed last week in the midst of working on The Sonic Tuck Shop book; apropos, a hand-packaged CD featuring the Sonic Catering Band’s live popcorn-performance in Linz, entitled Popkorn. I am very much enjoying […]

The hunt for owl sounds and a mystery bird…

Last Friday I once again walked the length of the A4074 overnight, using the surrounding footpaths. This time Mark came with me and he has posted a beautiful account here of the experience from his perspective. He took some amazing photographs (which you can see in his post) – my favourite one being this one, […]

Gentle Fire

Gentle Fire is a bit of an obsession for me; it is an Alvin Lucier score which I have written about before, and what fascinates me is its imaginative, material treatment of sound. I find it really interesting that realising any version of the score involves collecting sounds from life – a process which me […]


I SPY in the country has become my most entrusted creative companion. For the past month I haven’t left the house without it, and my knowledge of the countryside around Oxfordshire and Berkshire has genuinely broadened through organising interviews and visits connected with investigating all the items contained within its beautiful, vintage pages. I was […]

Breaking Chocolate

Breaking squares of chocolate off a bar has a strangely soft, brittle, dense, snapping sound.

The best mixtape anyone ever made me!

The extremely long drive from Cumbria to London and back to Reading on Wednesday was smoothed out massively by a really excellent mixtape that Phillipa sent to me. Rachael and I had our ears filled with rich audio goodness from the lake district to home because of the smart, exuberant selection she included. Listening several […]

Productive day

The mics-on light in the BBC Oxford Studio Today has been a productive day. It began with editing my feature and packing up my Art Object for an hour of recording at the BBC Oxford studios. On Sunday at 9 – 10pm, on 95.2fm in Oxford or anywhere online live, you will be able to […]

Love Assignment #5: Build Memoryphones

On my radiator at the moment, 2 knitted headphone pouches are blocking in preparation for their assemblage as memoryphones. I would like to invite some opinion on the nature of the memoryphones. Knitted from the yarn that Rachael spun out of a much beloved cassette last year at Analogue Amnesty, the memoryphones were initially intended […]

Domestic unbliss / washing up…

You may remember the code I devised for ‘washing up types’ many months ago whilst working on the Fantastical Reality Radio Show with Mundane Appreciation?According to that scale I position myself resolutely as a type C washer-upper; i.e. I dislike doing it, I leave it until it absolutely must be done (i.e. there is nothing […]

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