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Staying at Mel’s
Staying at Mel's

…of a very pretty cat, some of my favourite folk, and the healing powerz of Edinburgh.

Tea and Biscuits
Tea and Biscuits

The past few months have been manic. Since my PhD studies came to an end and my AHRC funding ran out, I am relying 100% on my own wits and skills to make an income. I am trading as a self-employed artist, which is not the fantastically high-paid profession that one might hope. However, I […]


My Mum noticed ages ago that I had put a Teasmade on my Christmas wishlist and she very thoughtfully picked one up for me just after Christmas and bought it to the sausages and cider party. Now my bedsit is an extremely small space and I am an extremely messy person, so unfortunately there wasn’t […]

Current knitting adventures

Ignoring the ends I haven’t bothered to weave in, my brioche vest from Interweave Summer 2006 does not make the grade. It has not developed into the amazing summer vest of my dreams like I was hoping for. I think the stretchy brioche fabric is beautiful and I really enjoyed getting into the rhythm of […]

The Impatient Knitter

Does anyone remember this satanic evilness? It is the long-ago abandoned Moonlight Sonata Shawl project in Fleece Artist Goldiehair and it has now to my deepest relief, been frogged and repurposed for an alternative project. I have been trying to design some patterns recently and after a few false starts, some really bad maths, lots […]

Washing up: What’s your type?

Since today is Messy Tuesday, I thought I’d share the ‘Washing-Up: which type are you?’ key that I just devised for our FRRS Activity Booklet & Evening tomorrow at SLOUNGE, with a partciular emphasis on Type C. But before I explain about the washing-up types and accompanying button badges, I’d better explain about SLOUNGE. Organised […]


So after Blogger *ate* my last few posts, I’m tentatively starting again; this time with a nice picture of the kitchen tile I glazed, featuring Monkl. It was a good Easter weekend, starting with a creative Friday night spent making a tea-cosy out of felt. The tea-cosy ended up fitting with a general kitchen decor […]

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