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Domestic unbliss / washing up…

You may remember the code I devised for ‘washing up types’ many months ago whilst working on the Fantastical Reality Radio Show with Mundane Appreciation?According to that scale I position myself resolutely as a type C washer-upper; i.e. I dislike doing it, I leave it until it absolutely must be done (i.e. there is nothing […]

Washing up: What’s your type?

Since today is Messy Tuesday, I thought I’d share the ‘Washing-Up: which type are you?’ key that I just devised for our FRRS Activity Booklet & Evening tomorrow at SLOUNGE, with a partciular emphasis on Type C. But before I explain about the washing-up types and accompanying button badges, I’d better explain about SLOUNGE. Organised […]

The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture

I have been doing some drawings at The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture, mostly of 1950s domestic advertisements. The idea for this was to give me some graphic language within which to possibly develop some scores/prints with sonic content. I really want to get the visual aspect of my scores/prints right, and 1950s domestic […]

Washing up recording #2 \_/* 06.01.08

This washing-up recording was made after lunch during the early afternoon. The food cooked involved some revision of a couple of scrawled-down curry recipes and it was cooked collaboratively and not just by me. The recipes involved peanuts, butternut squash, creamed-coconut and tinned sweetcorn. We decided that these foodstuffs would be economical and colourful, offering […]

The beginning of a project.

I have started my first project in relation to The Domestic Soundscape. The project is called Washing-Up and begins with a meal and a washing-up exchange that took place last week. The format for making recordings goes like this: Arrange time and date for washing-up and meal exchange to take place* Buy ingredients and visit […]

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