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Tallinn Bricks, Biscuits and Yarn
Tallinn Bricks, Biscuits and Yarn

…of bricks, biscuits and yarns in Tallinn.

FO: Walk 2012 socks
FO: Walk 2012 socks

For further info, please do visit Mark’s Walk2012 blog, where he has written his own review of the custom-made Walk2012 birthday socks! Ravelled here. Also, for further wool/Olympics fusions, check out this petition launched by the NFU, calling for British Wool to be represented at the Olympics.

Reading, the Tour

View Reading Tour in a larger map Inspired by Kate’s York Craft Tour, I have put together my own little tour of Reading. I have made notes for all my destinations on the map and many of the places have already been written about in this blog, but I thought it would be good to […]

10 Joyous Things

Life is not so bad. I am extremely busy – as expected – with making Love Is Awesome work. But in between the knitting, the felt-making, the printing, the parts-ordering, the web-promotion, the emailing and the recording, I want to take the time to ennumerate 10 supremely happy things I’ve enjoyed this week, and to […]

Apples and Pea-tatoes

Our apple tree has produced its annual glut of fruit and we have gone crazy making stuff from the fruit. Today we had apple and cider sauce with parsnip mash and duck for tea, and baked an apple harvest cake. Tomorrow, parsnip and apple soup are planned as well as an invented trout and apple […]

Stupid WordPress!

The carefully composed piece I just wrote about clothes, wool-winding, wardrobe healing etc. has all been demolished by some stupid, ‘Internal server error’ in WordPress. I am too annoyed to re-write it! But look: I wound all my wool! Thanks Ruth for all the help with winding the wool and wow, I won’t be buying […]


So after Blogger *ate* my last few posts, I’m tentatively starting again; this time with a nice picture of the kitchen tile I glazed, featuring Monkl. It was a good Easter weekend, starting with a creative Friday night spent making a tea-cosy out of felt. The tea-cosy ended up fitting with a general kitchen decor […]

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