Recipes as Autobiography…
Recipes as Autobiography...

…of the sonic significance of personal recipes and menu plans.

Hearing Catherine
Hearing Catherine

…of sound pieces celebrating Catherine Dickens.

Salted Caramel Tart
Salted Caramel Tart

…of making a very rich SALTED CARAMEL PIE.

In praise of boring weekends
In praise of boring weekends

…of the unfettered joy of boring weekends.

Domestic Soundscape and Sonic Spindling
Domestic Soundscape and Sonic Spindling

…of disparate but happy themes and projects in Felixwerld.

A thrifty soup
A thrifty soup

…of scrumped apples and bargainous parsnips.

The Felicity Ford Radio Show, PILOT
The Felicity Ford Radio Show, PILOT

…of the Arty Street Party; Soundmaps; Tuned City; Sonic Cupcakes; Turbans; Eccentricity; and so many amazing sounds.

Brain food
Brain food

I had two especially  interesting culinary conversations with folks at Sounding Out last week. The first was occasioned by Chris Chafe’s presentation and in particular the section concerning his ‘Tomato Quintet,’ and the second one involved a discussion about blog stats with Marcus Leadley – a fellow artist who, like myself, sometimes blogs about academic, […]

Back to School
Back to School

It has been a good week. I enjoyed writing and presenting my paper on Wednesday at Sounding Out 5 and meeting the other folks there. My paper was about my use of radio as an artist and how sound is important to me in terms of both discovering a sense of place, and being able […]

a POP post

Yesterday I received a most pleasing packet in the post; this one came from smallPRINT records and contained an order I placed last week in the midst of working on The Sonic Tuck Shop book; apropos, a hand-packaged CD featuring the Sonic Catering Band’s live popcorn-performance in Linz, entitled Popkorn. I am very much enjoying […]

The Domestic Soundscape

The Sonic Tuck Shop believes that food sounds tasty, that we should play with it, and that the everyday routines of cooking and eating are full of sonic interest. The Sonic Tuck Shop reframes every meal as a potential concert of sounds in its making and consumption, and every foodstuff as an instrument in the […]

The Sonic Tuck Shop Book at SoundFjord – EDITED

On Friday I put the finishing touches on the first 21 editions (of 40) of The Sonic Tuck Shop book. On Saturday, I packed them all into a suitcase along with some other hand-made goodies and made my way to Seven Sisters for the SoundFjord gallery launch, which was taking place in Unit 3b, Studio […]

The Sonic Tuck Shop

The Sonic Tuck Shop is an installation that I finished putting up in Reading on Friday, and it will remain up for about 3 weeks. Last week, the now derelict KIK SPORTS shop was looking like this: …now it looks like this: The window display extends the original idea of The Sonic Tuck Shop installation […]

Missability and Sound
Missability and Sound

…of why I work with sound.

Generosity and Numbers

This weeks’ numbers are all about generosity. Not only have I been generous to myself with my WW points (woops!) but I have also been given many things this week that have made me think about gifts and the role that kindness plays in material sustenance. For instance Liz turned up at Sticks’n’String this week […]

Tuesday’s Numbers

I am enjoying thinking about how I can create 8-days of eating joy from my kitchen cupboard and the contents of my fridge. I think that for tomorrow’s evening meal I am going to make a lasagne using up some old sheets of lasagne, some lentils cooked with 10 calorie tomato soup sachets, and a […]

Monday’s Numbers

Monday was a day of little luxuries and large pleasures. This involved a slice of the fruity tea brack I made at the weekend, two hot chocolate options sachets enjoyed from the amazing ‘I am not a paper cup’ beaker of dreams, some marshmallows, lip-salve, and further enjoyment of the woolly comforts that are my […]

Sunday’s Numbers

At the moment, I am all about greys and silvers. Grey is all I want to knit with, (Icelandic Lopi, unspun) all I want to read about, (The Sea Road by Margaret Elphinstone; lots of descriptions of icy, cold, grey landscapes) all I want to sew with, (slate grey and silver-white Donegal tweed that I’ve […]

Friday’s Numbers

2 For some reason, there are often 2 ducks to be seen around the University campus at Brookes. I love sighting these ducks almost as much as I like seeing the squirrels. The squirrels go beserk in Autumn, stashing every edible nom they can find in a frenetic way and seeing each other off with […]

Thursday’s Numbers

Weight Watchers points consumed today: 17 Menu: Muesli for breakfast, pasta salad for lunch, (olives, farfelle, roasted peppers tomato juice) Liver, Cabbage and mash for tea Shiny dollarines expended: £20.01 on petrol, £33 on groceries (including bargainous liver – 45p for 250g in the reduced section!) Favourite number: 11.00 the hour and minutes at which […]

Wednesday’s Numbers

90 seconds I am loving the 90 second long recordings that Paul is putting up on the sound diaries website as part of his 90″ project… it is a nice length of time, 90 seconds… just long enough to get into listening but not too long, either. £5.11 This is the price of a shade […]

The Sonic Tuck Shop book…

All the writing about/thinking about food has inspired me to develop The Sonic Tuck Shop installation idea into a book form. POP – the final design for my own-design, handprinted paper bags, in which popcorn was served at Sonic Art Oxford. There is more about the design process/ideas here. At the opening night of Sonic […]

FO – Tweed Bag

I am sorry to bore you all to death with yet another one of these bags. However I cannot stop myself from making this pattern; everytime I turn out those cute pockets I begin visualising yet another lining/outer fabric combo and when I surveyed the moth-eaten pile of ebay-won Harris Tweed left over from the […]


I got back from Edinburgh to discover that my bank have cancelled my overdraft facility. This is good on one hand as it means I am not constantly living in overdraft mode; however it is also bad as it means I have far less money this month than I was budgeting for. The situation is […]

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