Friday’s Numbers


For some reason, there are often 2 ducks to be seen around the University campus at Brookes. I love sighting these ducks almost as much as I like seeing the squirrels. The squirrels go beserk in Autumn, stashing every edible nom they can find in a frenetic way and seeing each other off with very aggressive behaviour. The ducks on the other hand can often be found, randomly far away from any pond or lake or watery place, sitting peacefully in the grass. The sight of two ducks taking a time out from flying/swimming etc. is always a welcome one.


…is the amount of times I laughed out loud whilst reading today’s entertaining installment over on The A.D.D. knitter. How I do love her way with words and how I love the idea of a house where nobody has thrown away a single thing since 1965. And yarn crushes. How happy I am to read of someone else’s yarn crush.

Liz pointed out further online hilarity today when she sent me a great link for LOLyarn over on The Panopticon. I am not sure whether I was more amused by LOLyarn, or by Liz – whose use of English is ordinarily so correct – employing the term ‘haz.’


This is the quantity of WW points I have saved this week. You’ll notice that it is a negative number, which means I have saved zilcho points, which means that I may not have lost anything by tomorrow morning’s weigh-in. However, we shall see. The running around/cycling/rushing/housework frenzy I have mostly been in may have burned off the negative points!



This is the quantity of idli mix that I used tonight to make the much-anticipated idli and sambhar dish.

You’ll note that since I don’t own an idli-mould, I created a cunning workaround involving a wok and a yorkshire pudding dish. Unfortunately this was not as good as last time, when I placed the yorkshire pudding tray in a large tray of water and oven-baked the lot; today’s idlis were a bit soft in the middle and dry on the bottom.

Incidentally, 1 x idli =




is the number of beautiful Jacob lambs that were featured in a blog I discovered today via historic fibers.


tablespoon of toasted poppy seeds was all that was required to turn simple lemon rice into tasty lemon poppyseed rice, to go with today’s picnic of fresh grilled mackerel and tomato, with watercress and lemon poppyseed rice.

The watercress has rather suffered in this shot; it was steamed and a vibrant green when I put it in my lunchbox, but heat and time faded that colour almost instantly. I will spare you the mackerel shot; even though it tasted delicious, I am realising that my lack of professional food-photography training is making my week of budget NOMS look like something out of The Gallery of Regrettable Foods. This is why there is no photo of the liver from yesterday.

A much safer bet for tasty noms is a sonic recipe, as shown over on MOLLY PLANET, where objects on the deck were organised into a recipe format for recording joy. I do like that Christine’s cat looks so much like Joey and the thought of that nice tinkering morning outside with sounds and sunshine added to the happiness of the ducks.


is the number of radios owned by radio-collector George Ulm.

And that concludes Friday’s Numbers.

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