MA-Jam and post-show yarn soothingness…

The opening night of MA-Jam was amazing; thanks Abby and Kirsty for coming along. It was wicked to see you both!
Since the opening I’ve been on that kind of anti-climax you get after doing loads and loads and loads of work towards a deadline and then finding it is over. Consequently, I am trying to think up something beautiful I can do with my banana fibre silk and Surina 6.5mm wooden needles, as this is an incredibly soothing combination for knitting with. I knitted my green scarf with this combination of yarn and needles whilst walking around Oxford for a day. I just had the yarn in my shoulderbag and it slid onto the needles like hot butter off a knife.

So I have these colours which match the summery colours I’m going for lately: I could do stripes; I prefer the idea of learning intarsia finally, though, and doing circles on squares of opposite colours… it would knit up super fast and be really pretty.

I have been loving the soothingness of the cotton calorimetry that I begun at Liz’ knitwarming, and the giant knitting shrug that I started at The Jam Factory knitting group a couple of weeks ago, though it’s a bit long. I’ve begun modifying a spun magazine pattern for a pedicure sock in the same cotton yarn and colourway.
I think mine isn’t long enough; I want a longer section of ribbing near the toes and more rounds. I might also use moss-stitch instead of ribbing for some of the foot. I am in love with the colourway; it’s like apple blossoms, summer skies and strawberry ice-lollies mixed together, which is just what I want. Re: my sock, I think the stretchy cast-on from the twisted sisters sock book looks more twee and frilly than I intended; perhaps not so good with bulky cotton, this stretchy edge. Have to find cable cast-on instructions like it says in the pattern.

In other post-exhibition news, I have reorganised my stash so it looks much less like the yarn apocalypse, and I’m very pleased with the way the knitted speaker are looking and sounding in The Jam Factory; I think it is a significant improvement on the way they were hung for my college feedback forum and it’s good to see the work developing.

The MA-Jam show was really great to organise. I really trusted the artists involved and the work looks great in the venue. It was a lot of work to organise and I’m still doing lots of odd jobs associated with it but overall it’s been really rewarding.

Loads of photos of the show on myspace.

And isn’t the weather incredible? Makes me want to knit this pattern:

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