Love Assignment #2: make a flier of your day

I am going to make the flier tonight, but as an exercise to warm me up and give me some illustration ideas, I thought I would get the text up here.

Wake up. Lara’s House, 7am. Have overslept. Cold, dark, winter. COFFEE. I leave. Oxford Express to London. Knitting Hourglass sweater until travel-sick at Hillingdon. Walk from Victoria Station to Union Street to meet with these people about EXCITING FUTURE PROJECT. Good meeting. To Borough Market for apples for another LOVE IS AWESOME assignment.

Sonic qualities of apples amazing though russets not as refreshingly crisp as Braeburns. TATE modern. A crises in scale. Massive apple core and spider in Turbine Hall, and giant pencil in gift shop.

Dominique Gonzalez Foester’s giant work in the Turbine gallery (apocolypse, rain, post-post-modernism, referential, art-replica, social commentary, installation, bricolage etc.) not as exciting as giant pencil in gift shop. The giant pencil – iconic yellow, pink rubber, silver band – is a thing of joy. Hope and Joy needed; Bleak Art unneccessary.

Walk from TATE modern to Bethnal Green, obsessively dreaming about pairing giant pencil with miniscule notepad. Amuse self greatly. Meet handsome pigeon near Tower Bridge.

Enjoy amazing street signage of East End and marvel at durability of Birkenstocks. Feet blistered, Birkenstocks unharmed. Giant pencil dream continues. Text Ned all the way to Bethnal Green about joy of giant pencil, virtuous lack of spendage in tantalising TATE modern ‘children’s gift section’ of shop and his cough. Hope he gets better. Remember that at Prick Your Finger in Bethnal Green, there is a giant knitted pencil. Covet giant knitted pencil, feeling happy about brown paper bag of apples in knitting bag, energised by walk, inspired by colourful street signage. Begin planning flier and imagination going wild as I simultaneously experience day and thoughts about how to turn day into flier. Felt-tip pen drawings everywhere in my head, on the road, on my face.

Giant pencil, apples, everything, making me feel like life is giant school satchel. Tip Top Textiles street sign inspires thoughts of sewing giant satchel with a pocket for me to live in. Rhythm of walking in city exciting; idea of being tiny student (think Miffy) of life very comforting.

At Prick Your Finger, apples distributed. Harmonious chomping of beautiful women congregating in place of yarn. Talk of thrift, heartache, mending colds, imaginary hamsters, yearnings for children, troubles of men, joys of giant pencils, delight of knitted DNA. Rachael spins yarn. Sounds amazing. New wheel creaks. Many photos of me with giant, knitted pencils. TEA to drink. I love these women.

Walk back to Victoria station down Bishopsgate, along embankment, beside river. Thrilled by London-ness and warmed by physical movement. So many feelings. Hope I have burned enough calories for pizza. Call Lara, am late. Legs keep moving. Houses of Parliament always a stirring sight. Big Ben Bongs. Pizza Express. Kirsty and Lara. Talk of blogging, art projects, lives, changes of jobs, many things. Kirsty is style embodied with large, wooden beads all red and wine and brown. Beautiful.

Dark, soothing bus journey home with Lara. Lara talks of ballet. I talk about dancing and the need for it. The lights of cars on the roof of the coach. Ache in my heart. A man moves because I am giggling too much about the giant pencil. I feel naughty. We get home. Peppermint tea. Curl up on sofa. Hope I will dream of giant pencils, but I don’t. SLEEP.

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