A spoonful of sugar

Today I received my first bit of post at the new address. In the 1990s, road-protestors discovered a British law that says that once a letter is successfully delivered to a dwelling, that address is established as a home and the resident dwelling therein becomes entitled to the same rights of access and protection as any other homeowner in the country. This was an important discovery when the focus for activists was on complicating planning processes as much as possible and organising as much protection for an environment and its people as could be feasibly mustered. I may have confused the specifics of that, but it was definitely a point that I came across in Schnews! Earth First and the other intense literature of my youth.

Therefore it has stuck in my mind that getting post is one of the first steps in establishing where Home is.

Now in this country you need a bank statement as proof of address, or a utility bill or some other soul-crushing yet necessary bit of bureaucracy. But this is a formality and has little to do with emotional domesticity or our sense of where home is. Contrastingly, the knitted chili pepper that came through my door this morning is all about chez mois. I know that I couldn’t proffer this already cherished item in its attendant jiffy bag as proof of my residence for the purposes of applying for a bank loan or altering my library record, but the fact that it dropped through my door and immediately took up its place amongst the knitted beetroot, mushroom, carrot, pumpkin etc. attests to the fact that this is really where I live now. Where else could such a thing be sent?

Home is where my I hang my hat knitted vegetables.

It has made me so very, very happy. So thanks Clare for sending this stupendous joy! It is lovely to hold and is indeed a housewarmer as you hinted in your email! Amazing.

There is tell of further housewarming post waiting for me at Lara’s also, and I have been well fed on biscuits from Caro and crispy cakes from Liz. So there is no danger of me wasting away, but I have been spending a lot of time indoors these past couple of days and expect to emerge blinking like a deer at some point not too far away in the future…

Mmmmmm… crispy cakes made by Liz. A shame I enthusiastically ripped the beautiful wrapping paper off in my haste to get to them as they looked lovely in their paper. But I’m sure you’ll agree they look lovely like this, too… Thanks Liz.

For shame, I cannot photograph the lovely biscuits Caro and S made for me since I have eaten them all. But they were delicious and very comforting.

Sound enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that I have been examining my new residence under the microphone in between making mixtapes with a lot of Santogold on them, and there will be sounds… many sounds… soon.

In the meantime, I have to sort out these boxes.

And at some point, I guess I need to deal with the bank statements and library letters etc. because although it is immensely tedious and boring, it does need doing. Still, there is no harm in keeping the chili nearby to bring humour and joy to the task.

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