Tales from the SLR SD card

I am just back from a trip to Scotland, the highlights of which included:

Meeting some Jacob sheep from this flock and making stuffing for knitted speakers from their fleeces;


Wandering around those sheep recording them and uploading the sounds to the aporee soundmap;

Dyeing things with indigo, madder and onion skins (I especially enjoyed the indigo);


Hanging out with Patrick and James, exploring the sounds of the Scottish borders;


‘Playing’ a quarry at Dunion with a group of other enthusiastic landscape listeners (I banged rocks together, turned old bits of rusty metal into percussion, and found many varied ways of clanging and scraping my rusty bits of metal in combination with the other sounds people produced in our collective, sonic adventure);



Climbing Braid Hill with Kate and Bruce.

Now I am preparing to leave for Brussels, where I will work with Valeria Merlini until the end of the month on the Tuned City festival. Huzzah for ford&merlini! One of the tasks to be done before I leave involves emptying all my SD cards so that I can fill my devices with new sights and sounds and impressions of Brussels…

As I flick through the few photographs I have from the past few months, I realise I have no photos from the Sound Diaries Symposium, however, in spite of this lack of visual documentation, it was amazing. I am still digesting the turboinformationoverload. I loved it – so many practitioners with so many important things to say about sounds: Thank you all.

Prior to that, I have found many tasty snippets on the camera.

Images from an exhibit at STUK which I comprehensively documented for Tom of Holland, from a piece by Lee Mingwei entitled ‘The Mending Project‘;




Pigs spotted and recorded grunting in the orchard at Brazier’s Park open day on May 6th;


Bluebells from the garden’s big riot of these earlier in the spring;


Some quotidian colourwork based on Reading bricks;


Documentation of corduroy-pant mending in vintage blue cotton;


Documentation of our DIY workshops, which have revolved so far around developing amplifying circuits for working with transducers;


Quite a few photos of an extremely handsome man;


And several of a very pretty cat.


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