One reason things have been so quiet around here lately is that I have begun producing a fortnightly(ish) podcast from my KNITSONIK website. I must admit that I am really enjoying the process, though it is difficult to be disciplined and spend only one day building each episode!

The first episode has lots of sheep bells in it…


[mejsaudio src=”″]

the second episode features many sounds from Shetland and also an appraisal of the different sonic qualities of various Christmas decorations, including these lovely porcelain ones, which really do sound gorgeous…


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…and this latest episode features some domestic sounds from my home just now (including rain on the garage roof and a window-scratching rosebush…) plus some last sonic impressions of Jacksons of Reading, and some recordings of the final auction held there on 4th January.


[mejsaudio src=”″]

Best of all, I am allowing ideas to slowly weave themselves together, and there is a satisfying sense of searching through my archives in order to produce each show. There is a lot of the sound of my home in the ‘cast, and it feels like the first really me thing that I have made in ages and ages and ages.

I am trying to figure out exactly what I want the expressive textile/audio balance to be in this venture, and what flavour I really want to give to this body of work… what I am liking a lot, though, is how slowly it’s all moving.

For instance, I’m probably not done talking about Shetland in these podcasts;
probably not done sharing the sounds of my home;
probably not finished with discussing the wonders of bells;
and probably not finished with talking about Jacksons.

Probably there will be a lot of old socks and stripes in the next episode.

I am wanting to be slow and steady with this venture, and to make a lot of space for the long ideas. Come join me if you fancy a bit of accordion, banter, thinking, sonic delight, tinkling, baa-ing, roaring, spinning and celebrating… I’d love to have you hanging out with me in the KNITSONIK palace of dreamz.


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