Announcing The KNITSONIK Blog Tour

I’m really excited to announce a Blog Tour, promoting The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook Kickstarter Campaign!


If you follow WOVEMBER, you will know I love a good Q&A, and over the past few months, I’ve asked spinners, knitters, designers, yarn producers, podcasters, friends and artists to check out my campaign and send me their questions. These Qs plus my As will be revealed in a series of posts throughout April in some of my very favourite online places. It’s been amazing fun answering these questions – everyone asks such different things – and the answers cover everything from why it’s great when Knitting Goes Wrong to how visiting Shetland & Estonia has influenced my knitting.

Please check out these blogs on these dates, these are some of the best people in KNITWERLD and I am incredibly grateful for their support and friendship.

01/04/2014 – Jeni Hewlett

04/04/2014 – Deborah Gray
There is an interview with me in Brenda Dayne’s world famous Cast On podcast!

06/04/2014 – Lara Clements

07/04/2014 – Jane Dupuis

09/04/2014 – Hazel Tindall

11/04/2014 – 12/04/2014 – Tom van Deijnen

14/04/2014 – Deb Robson

15/04/2014 – The Shop at The Old Fire Station
This blog post will coincide with a workshop I am leading there on this date entitled “FINDING THE FABRIC OF THE CITY”

16/04/2013 – Mary Jane Mucklestone

18/04/2014 – Caroline Walshe

20/4/2014 – Fine Lightness & Kait Lubja

21/04/2014 – Donna Druchunas

25/04/2014 – Ella Gordon

26/04/14 – Lisa Busby

26/04/2014 – Ella Austin

27/04/2014 – Susan Crawford

I shall announce each destination on the blog tour on Twitter where I am @knitsonik and through Facebook!

In the time between my starting this post yesterday evening and now, The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook has jumped to being 21% funded! You guys are amazing!


Am also thrilled that a wonderful Twitter discussion has erupted about the bricks of Keble college in Oxford. If you don’t know it, it is a beautiful building and – yes – would make a wonderful basis for a bold stranded colourwork design! Those kinds of inspiring ideas are just what this book is about.

Please check out my Kickstarter campaign at and tell all your friends about it!

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