Staying with Brenda

One of my favourite people in the whole world is my friend Brenda Dayne.

I am really happy because this week I am staying with Brenda.

Today we spent the entire day walking in the sunshine. We forgot to bring water or sunscreen and I got horribly sunburnt but I really, really don’t care. It was just beautiful to feel the warm sun on my face and to admire the outrageous beauty of spring.

O sun and colours, I have missed you so, so much. Please stay here for a very long time so I can take millions of photos of all your splendour.


Magnolias. Is there anything more PETAL-Y, if that is even a word?

And what about all the loveliness that can be found just by poking about in the beds at Stackpole Walled Gardens


bricks with ferns-1


brick patterns-1

sprouting broccoli-1

Walking out further – towards the cliffs – we encountered other wondrous signs of spring and the amazing effects of sunlight.


ewe with lamb-1



Tired and scorched and weary and happy, we made our way back home.

I sat on the stones at the edge of Brenda’s garden rubbing cream into my shoulders just listening and watching.

Jasper (the cat) stalked the chickens. Truman (the dog) barked every now and then. Martha, Marianne and Eleanor (the chickens) pecked about in the dirt. Tonia’s tools went sh sh sh on the whetstone. A bird (perhaps a songthrush) filled the air with lusty melodies.


Jasper stalking chickens-1

It was a really great day.

I love that Brenda and I can knit together; that we can argue and cook and laugh and talk and talk and talk; that we can work together on making albums and retreats. But maybe the thing that makes all that other stuff so amazing is that we can also have days like this.

Hilary and my Granny would have loved it.

8 Responses to Staying with Brenda

  1. Elaine says:

    How wonderful to have such a good friend to share spring and great times.

  2. Marilyn - Russian River, CA says:

    Ho sweet of you to share your friend and photos. I am ready for one of those vacations too. Heading north to central Oregon on Saturday. Hopefully I will find some beautiful wild flowers to photograph also. Enjoy your weeks stay.

  3. Thank you for sharing yours and Brendas walk, I could really feel the sun-shine on my face too just looking at your gorgeous pictures.
    I’m always so amazed at how a little sunshine can transform what was before bleak and bleugh looking landscapes…it certainly restores me if I’m feeling a bit doldrumie.
    Some of our neighbours have magnolias which always make me think of tongues licking raspberry ice-cream if that makes sense.
    I hope your scorchy shoulders feel better. When I get sun burnt I pop a couple of chamolile tea bags in to a cool bath and find that’s very soothing (I don’t drink chamomile tea as I think it tastes like wee.. well what I imagine wee would taste like..) xx

  4. Jean McKie says:

    What beautiful pictures! thank you so much for sharing. I’d say Spring has sprung long may it reign!

  5. SallyWool says:

    The weather has been so lovely this past week and I can just imagine the pair of you ambling around that truly beautiful corner of Wales. So many exciting colours and shapes, I can sense a Pembrokeshire sweater evolving from the pair of you!

  6. Terry says:

    In my daily blog trek list, Brenda’s comes right before yours and it is so fun to find that you’re friends. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures of Spring (I laughed at the cat’s expression in the chicken picture).

  7. Clare says:

    Such a lovely post, Felix. Although I’m sitting with my back in the autumn sun and my face to the fresh southerly breeze here in Tasmania, I can almost smell the spring in your post. It makes me both happy and homesick for the joys of an English (or Welsh!) spring. And a reminder that knitting with friends is a joy to be exhalted. Thank you!

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