Sound Art To-Do list:

Sometimes there’s just so much going on that you have to do a to-do list to get through it all. I have loads of sound-art projects going on at the moment, and I need a list to get through it all! If I place such a list here then A, it is in the public realm so I will therefore be shamed into doing it, B, I can combine organising myself with publicising some of the things I’m working on, and C, have the ultimate to-do list pleasure of ticking things off as they are completed

1. Organise kit for SOUNDBANK ‘darning’ project (there is a large gap between 8th February – 4th March 2009, where I was so busy working on Love Is Awesome that I didn’t keep up with my SOUND BANK recordings…) Kit to include: *new envelopes and notelets *time/date stamp order from 100proofpress ink for new envelopes and card design to be based on fabric plasters and darned sock heels

2. Organise recording schedule for forthcoming performance of Gentle Fire by Alvin Lucier at Sonic Art Oxford. This involves listing all the sounds I already have and working out how/where to record outstanding sounds, then processing the sounds so that they sound like they have come from alternate sources, then developing some sort of visual way of showing the text on the CDs and making a score for the performance. plus a rehearsal on Saturday 27th February. Also, PROMOTE PERFORMANCE

3. Printing sound effect bags for the interactive installation, POP MUSIC at forthcoming Sonic Art Oxford event; this involves printing firework sound effects on the front of paper bags and then serving popcorn in these bags at Sonic Art Oxford. Also, buy exploding candy

4. Collating Framework radio show from assorted explosion noises… roman candles, splooshing stones, exploding mouth candy etc. Order paper bags draw designs to be printed, book time in the printing studio

5. Work on ZINE ideas, starting with making a mock contents page and pinning it somewhere prominent in my home environment so I can see it and get more ideas from it

6. Organise recording/production schedule for April series of The Hub Contact Oxford Guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers to organise a recording date, let all the Guild members know I am interviewing at the Guild on 20th March and learning how to spin a Cotswold Fleece! Contact the Pitt Rivers Museum to organise Knit Weekly with them set up I SPY / I HEAR recordings/features for production meeting on 18th

7. Timetable production schedules for I SPY / I HEAR podcast, 3 x Framework shows I have promised to create

8. Work on funding applications and correspondence and branding and programming line-up for a conference planned for October

9. Collate Gentle Fire version of Framework Radio Show

That lot plus the 2 teaching jobs I’m working on this semester should keep me pretty busy!

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