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Around the A4074 now available for download
Around the A4074 now available for download

Since many of you emailed to say you missed the BBC iplayer and didn’t hear the show on Boxing Day, I posted it here for download. However the show was downloaded so many times that I have had to pay for excess bandwidth on this site! Additionally, the mp3 file for Around the A4074 was […]

Around the A4074
Around the A4074

Here is the tracklist for Around the A4074, which will be available to hear on the iplayer for one week. Soundwalk stationery, created for World Listening Day, (July 18th) and designed to draw attention to the sounds around the A4074 especially around Dorchester, Warborough and Shillingford Joe Moran speaking about his book, On Roads and […]

Around the A4074: 6pm Boxing Day, BBC Oxford
Around the A4074: 6pm Boxing Day, BBC Oxford

Some of you may be interested to learn that the radio show I dreamt up back in October 2009 will air on Boxing Day at 6pm on BBC Oxford. In Around the A4074 I explore how the everyday context of the commute may be considered differently. There are interviews with Joe Moran – writer of […]

Site specific socks

I really enjoyed reading Kate’s recent post on walking and how we build up imaginative representations of places as we patrol them. It made me think about my familiar routes, the places which I habitually visit, the things I note along the way, and how I remember places. Pigeons in the snow in Palmer Park, […]

The Hub returns to the air tonight at 9pm.

Meerkat snowburrow The Hub is an independently produced radio programme, broadcast on BBC Oxford 95.2 FM, and celebrating local music, art, culture and other joy and it will be on BBC Oxford tonight at 9pm, featuring – among many other things – the creator of this season’s mascot, a knitted Meerkat produced by Niftyknits for […]

Howling with Wolves

Yesterday I went to Beenham in Berkshire to meet with 8 wolves who reside there at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. Thinking up features for our Halloween special on The Hub, I was initially going to go on some kind of scary walk in Oxfordshire and make field recordings along the way. There are certainly […]

The Sonic Breakfast Plate, SOUNDBANK and graphic scores

I was intrigued recently to note that at the same time that Love is Awesome was taking place, Grupat – a show featuring many installations and works relating to sound and objects – was running in Ireland. It is just my luck that an incredible, not-to-be-missed show was on at the same time as my […]

Productive day

The mics-on light in the BBC Oxford Studio Today has been a productive day. It began with editing my feature and packing up my Art Object for an hour of recording at the BBC Oxford studios. On Sunday at 9 – 10pm, on 95.2fm in Oxford or anywhere online live, you will be able to […]

Messy Tuesdays in 2009

Who remembers Messy Tuesdays? This morning I have briefly enjoyed re-reading about the various messes that people have honoured and mentioned in the past, and posts about messy knitting needle-jars, bags of selvedge, unwashed dishes etc. have given me hope and made me feel that I am not alone in my struggle with STUFF. It […]

Mystery object revealed

It is time to reveal the truth about the mystery blueness in the last post. You see Mark’s niece left some little mice here, last time she stayed with us. I found them all nesting under a pillow on our cornerseat: I quickly discovered that – being an adventurous bunch – they had ambitions to […]

Brassica Brassica Cabbage (BBC)

I am working on a short, 10-minute piece for OCM’s BBC Oxford broadcasts about Magic Hour and my work with sounds. It is proving harder than I thought to link the ideas – for example – the work I made for FRRS, with my role in the feedback shed. Thankfully, it should all make sense […]

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