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A Strange Week
A Strange Week

…of a very weird week chez KNITSONIK.

A Woman Turning 35
A Woman Turning 35

…of the unexpected wonder of being A Woman Turning 35.

Where August went
Where August went

…of Buzzards, beasties, birthdays and badges.

Sunday’s happier news

I have finally finished knitting, seaming, zippering and weaving in the ends of, the twice-frogged mansweater. I am in a malaise so am not taking my uncharacteristically critical observations of this completed garment too seriously; I will review the situation in a week or so, since the Man is wanting to wear this today rather […]


I had a lovely birthday and can’t quite believe I’m now 28… it feels like the time between each year just shrinks every year. This is basil I planted this spring; the seeds were a gift to me last year from my friend Caro, who also gave me this wicked birthday card: …and the bag […]

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