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On Woman’s Hour!
On Woman's Hour!

…of the awesome knitterly sisterhood.


…of being inspired to join the Knit British #hapalong by the wonderful Louise Scollay.


The instant I saw Kate’s amazing hat – Tantallon (Rav pattern link) – I knew I had to make it! When I read the  A.D.D. knitter’s post on the subject I am ashamed to admit that I immediately began to badger Kate about when the pattern would be available, when I could begin knitting it, […]

FO: Lyttelton

Back in May I cast on the stitches for my Lyttelton in Blacker Designs‘ 4-ply, organic, pale blue Corriedale. This exact shade appears to be no longer in stock, but if I was knitting Lyttelton again, I’d stick with the Corriedale and maybe knit the design in blue denim, turquoise, or the beautiful olive green […]


This is another illicit, in-between-assessing-and-assignment-writing post, stolen in a twenty minute gap along with lunch – which is a tasty little egg sandwich. In the spirit of my current mode of operation, today’s subject is the pleasureful nature of the mindless, fast, gratifyingly instantaneous knitting project. I’m talking about the sort of knitting project that […]

The LISTEN hatâ„¢

I had another look through the Sound Art To-Do-List and was gratified to see that I am (mostly) on track with various sound-related projects and jobs at the moment. The recent counting prevails with WW points, £-watch and some happy knitting maths. It turns out that a 15-stitch-wide S is not an easy thing to […]

FO: Wazz’s Woollen Winter Walking Outfit and Turn a Square pattern mashup

Two of my favourite patterns; Wazz’s Woollen Winter Walking Outfit #1 and Jared Flood’s Turn a Square pattern, mashed up into one happy hat of joy, to be given as a gift to my Grandad – who I hope does not know about my blog. If you *do* read this, Grand Pappy Wilf, Happy Birthday! […]

Shalom in York

Yesterday was spent in York. This choice of city was largely inspired by reading about Duttons and Betty’s tea shop a little while back. You must go! Amazing, brassica-inspired Betty’s tea-shop confection. Buttons at Duttons. It’s all just so good. It was wondrous to visit the teashop and eat cauliflower-shaped marzipan-covered cakes, to rummage through […]

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