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In Northmavine…
In Northmavine...

…of a super, super day spent in Northmavine with Hazel.


…of being inspired to join the Knit British #hapalong by the wonderful Louise Scollay.


…of designing a special pattern for a workshop at Purlescence.

Big Jumpers
Big Jumpers

…of the pleasures of Big Jumpers.

Layter launch and giveaway!
Layter launch and giveaway!

…of publishing a knitting pattern.

Staying at Mel’s
Staying at Mel's

…of a very pretty cat, some of my favourite folk, and the healing powerz of Edinburgh.

FO: Baby Surprise Jacket
FO: Baby Surprise Jacket

…of swift baby knitting, non-pink, non-blue baby knits, and a new arrival in the extended family.

Bricks, Knitting, Biscuits and imaginative diversions
Bricks, Knitting, Biscuits and imaginative diversions

…of knitting, hat-patterns, Huntley & Palmer’s factory, biscuits, BISKITS, Victorian brickwork, water-powered flour mills and other glorious digressions.

FO: Simmer Dim
FO: Simmer Dim

…of presents, and knitting, and kitties and shawls, and wonderful handspun and other fun prettiness.

The meta data
The meta data

…of sonic meta-data, meta-data badges, meta-tags for another year, and the beginnings and endings of many things.

Wool at Reading Geek Night…
Wool at Reading Geek Night...

Last Tuesday I gave a talk at Reading Geek Night entitled “10 things you didn’t know about Wool.” Much of what I said in my talk will be old hat to seasoned knitters; you don’t need me to point out that shreddies are clearly NOT knitted by Nanas, nor that there are basic differences between […]


Here’s what’s on my FUNLIST this week; a mostly-ticked off list, which is full of the sounds I need to record whilst here in Wales, staying with Brenda and Tonia and their adorable animals. The sounds relate to the project Brenda talked about in her last podcast; Jasper in Brenda’s knitting basket; keeping busy and […]

FO: Brenda’s Mitts
FO: Brenda's Mitts

I started knitting these fingerless mitts (Fresco Fair Isle Mitts by Pam Allen, Interweave Knits, Fall 2008) way back in October when I last visited with Brenda and Tonia. Casting these on represented the start of the ALICE STARMORE YARN MANIA (which has pretty much reigned over my knitting ever since) and I am really […]

Knitted seas.
Knitted seas.

A long time ago I wrote this post which touched on the idea of connecting places and seasons to specific yarn colourways. I compared some of the fabled WOLLMEISE to the distinctive steely blues and ragged yellow leaves spotted around Weymouth and Portland late that Autumn. Weymouth, October 2007 Much has happened since I coveted […]

Knitting, Sounds, & Good Weekends continued…

I posted a few months ago about the importance of Good Weekends and so far, that is what today and tomorrow are shaping up to be. Incidentally, the grunting pigs sound which I posted from Mudchute Farm on that post is now up on the UK SoundMap (my new favourite thing!) and The London Sound […]


This is another illicit, in-between-assessing-and-assignment-writing post, stolen in a twenty minute gap along with lunch – which is a tasty little egg sandwich. In the spirit of my current mode of operation, today’s subject is the pleasureful nature of the mindless, fast, gratifyingly instantaneous knitting project. I’m talking about the sort of knitting project that […]

The LISTEN hatâ„¢

I had another look through the Sound Art To-Do-List and was gratified to see that I am (mostly) on track with various sound-related projects and jobs at the moment. The recent counting prevails with WW points, £-watch and some happy knitting maths. It turns out that a 15-stitch-wide S is not an easy thing to […]

FO: Wazz’s Woollen Winter Walking Outfit and Turn a Square pattern mashup

Two of my favourite patterns; Wazz’s Woollen Winter Walking Outfit #1 and Jared Flood’s Turn a Square pattern, mashed up into one happy hat of joy, to be given as a gift to my Grandad – who I hope does not know about my blog. If you *do* read this, Grand Pappy Wilf, Happy Birthday! […]

Generosity and Numbers

This weeks’ numbers are all about generosity. Not only have I been generous to myself with my WW points (woops!) but I have also been given many things this week that have made me think about gifts and the role that kindness plays in material sustenance. For instance Liz turned up at Sticks’n’String this week […]


Last Thursday myself and Lara went off to Edinburgh to have adventures and to visit Kate. Kate’s own words on her recovery and rehab are absolutely brilliant and I feel there is not much that I can add; just that it was amazing to see her, that she is every bit as dignified, strong and […]

Sound Wonders and loving the ordinary

This week I got an email about a project exploring the idea of sound tourism, and the idea of a map detailing the world’s sound wonders. This is very interesting, both because I wonder what defines a sound wonder, and because I like very much the idea of selecting holiday destinations in the future based […]

Site specific socks

I really enjoyed reading Kate’s recent post on walking and how we build up imaginative representations of places as we patrol them. It made me think about my familiar routes, the places which I habitually visit, the things I note along the way, and how I remember places. Pigeons in the snow in Palmer Park, […]

The January 2010 BIG FREEZE Ravelry Projects Snowcase Contest™

Last night I went to bed with a hot-water bottle, wrapped in 2 blankets and a double-duvet, wearing 2 jumpers, a thin, long-sleeved vest, my pyjamas and a pair of woollen socks, and I was still cold and couldn’t get to sleep on account of the sound of my chattering teeth keeping me awake. I’m […]


I have been loving reading people’s posts about how they are spending the cold and snowy spell indoors, and I’m really loving seeing so much appreciation for domestic space in the blogs that I follow. It is a time for loving the sheltering qualities of home. Nobody appreciates these sheltering qualities more than our mascot* […]

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