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February FOs – Love Is Awesome

Progress continues on the to-do list; I had a fruitful day of designing packaging for the sonic tuckshop at Sonic Art Oxford, and my recorder is filling up with sounds for Gentle Fire by Alvin Lucier. I will be performing Gentle Fire in the afternoon on Saturday 27th February at Oxford Brookes University in the […]

The (Anti) Valentine

Posters at Love Is Awesome, group show, February 2009, Gallery 10, St Mary’s Butts, Reading Last year around this time of year I was working on the Love Is Awesome show, and I made these anti-Valentine’s-day cards in celebration and recognition of my (then) very Broken Heart. I am feeling much more positive about Love […]

Sunday Art Market

Near me there is a bar which has, in a rather enlightened manner, opened itself up to artists of a Sunday, for trade. I have thus taken up a stall there and can be found some Sundays selling my finely-crafted wares. On sale at my stall shall be… Vintage buttons organised into sets and hand-sewn […]

Productive day

The mics-on light in the BBC Oxford Studio Today has been a productive day. It began with editing my feature and packing up my Art Object for an hour of recording at the BBC Oxford studios. On Sunday at 9 – 10pm, on 95.2fm in Oxford or anywhere online live, you will be able to […]

WIP – Transistor Radio

One of the assignments I set myself to undertake during Love is Awesome, was the recreation of the transistor radio detailed in the 1972 Ladybird book, ‘Making a Transistor Radio.’ I am not the first person to have thought of this and I am poorly versed in the complexities of circuitry. But the clear diagrams […]

Love is Awesome video

I have made a short video of Love is Awesome. The video is just still shots, set to recordings I made inside the gallery space and you can see it on Youtube here:

Recording Sounds

Focussing on The Domestic Soundscape means that I am faced with an endless, ongoing, repetitive, banal, ordinarily ignored and totally undervalued raw material with which to work. We awaken to the domestic soundscape, we fall asleep to the domestic soundscape, we are surrounded at each moment of domestic activity by a set of sounds that […]


A few visitors to Love is Awesome have quizzed me on the reasoning behind the assignment format. I have thought about this quite a lot during the past week and am forming a few ideas about my decisions. I suppose I want to present a lot of ideas in ways that convey both the meanings […]

Monkl’s Review of Love is Awesome

Usually – at least according to Monkl – there are not enough bananas in modern Art shows. So when Monkl came to Love is Awesome, he took a banana along with him and put it there. Then he knew it was going to be a good show. Monkl loves his knitted banana: to his mind […]

Make do and mend

Ages ago I got this kind of woollen smock from Primark. At the time I marvelled that something that was 80% pure lambswool could cost so little, since there is no way the yarn to knit such a thing could have been bought for a comparable price. It was about £10. I have loved the […]

FO: The Hourglass Sweater

Here I am in the gallery, listening to my headphones in the window and looking whistfully down at the darkening street below. Keen-eyed spotters will notice that I am wearing a new sweater. I cannot recommend The Hourglass Sweater highly enough to anyone who is attempting to calm themselves during a period of emotional upheaval. […]

Coffee! You can sleep when you’re dead.

This blog post title comes from a picture that Lara and I saw that instantly resonated for both of us. Findind the deadline for Love is Awesome fast-approaching, I have decided to create hours in which to make work by simply not sleeping. I am still in college from yesterday, having completed a mammoth screenprinting […]

Love assignment #3: create a site-specific work for the knitted speakers

While I was doing my MA I knitted a soundsystem with 32 working, miniature speakers. This piece was the start of my obsession with The Domestic Soundscape, and I played many domestic recordings through the soundsystem once I had spent an entire night installing it. Here are the knitted speakers 1. being made 2. laid […]


I finished my flier:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LOVE IS AWESOME OPENS ON VALENTINE’S DAY IN READING, BERKSHIRE Artists Felicity Ford, Rachael Matthews, Stavroula Kounadea and Emmylou Laird are opening their show on Valentine’s day 2009 to offer new perspectives on the idea that LOVE IS AWESOME. LOVE IS AWESOME is a mischievous, offbeat celebration of the awesomeness of love. […]


Even when love goes wrong, it is still awesome. And there are many kinds of Love and many kinds of Awesome. I hope our exhibition will reflect this and offer a broader range of human, emotional experiences than the 2-D thing we are offered on asinine Valentine’s day cards these days. Remember the Poster Competition? […]


When not playing Junior Scrabble with Stavroula yesterday, I was hatching plans. With Stav, the focus was on the exciting, forthcoming Love Is Awesome exhibition, also involving Emmylou and Rachael Matthews. With my supervisor, I was working on another new project. Many plots are afoot… The new project is to be a sonic advent calendar, […]

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