Sunday Art Market

Near me there is a bar which has, in a rather enlightened manner, opened itself up to artists of a Sunday, for trade. I have thus taken up a stall there and can be found some Sundays selling my finely-crafted wares.

On sale at my stall shall be…

Vintage buttons organised into sets and hand-sewn onto little labels, which I have printed myself with a pleasing button design. These sell for between £2 and 3 per card.

Love is Awesome posters… these are £10 each and still retain the original holes from where they were nailed to the wall of Gallery 10 during the exhibition back in February.

Button Badges from The Missability Radio Show and Magic Hour will be on sale for 50p each or a set of 3 for 1 of your fyne Englishe Pounds.

Original Screenprints from The Missability Radio Show, with prices varying from £1 for damaged prints to £25 for perfect-quality, 4-colour designs.

Here I am making the posters in 2007…

…and here are the posters once finished.

I will also have loads of freebies to give away including postcards and balloons, and can be commissioned to design you your own custom-made Love Assignment if you so desire. The Love Assignment will be hand-written and personalised to your life requirements, and created on the forms I screenprinted for my own Love Assignments during the exhibition, Love is Awesome.

Your Love Assignment will be a tailor-made task or creative activity, designed to either improve a specific aspect of your life, or expand your imaginative relationship with everyday reality. It can exist as a speculative document or an instruction that you choose to follow; you can take it literally and create a full assignment report for yourself if you desire, or frame the assignment on your wall, where it will be a daily reminder of the meaning of everyday actions and situations. To have me design you your personalised Love Assignment, you must bring a specific problem or question and modest expectations. Personalised Love Assignments will cost £10 and include an initial consultation + a small waiting time while I create the perfect assignment for you. By way of professional credentials for offering this small creative service, I can only attest to the fact that I have successfully completed 13 Love Assignments myself. Due to the nature of the product I cannot, sadly, offer any form of guarantee that the assignment will either bring about imaginative change in your life or improve your experience of being a human being on the Earth. I can, however, promise to give your questions/problems my most sincere and attentive consideration in the creation of your tailor-made Love Assignment.

I shall also be selling sets of the anti-Valentine’s day cards I created as one of my own Love Assignments for Love is Awesome; the assignment was ‘celebrate the broken heart on Valentine’s day in whatever way you feel’ or something similar and it was a tonic to my (then shattered, gladly now mended) heart. These sets of cards cost £8 for all 9 cards or £1 for an individual card.

There shall also be some handmade, handprinted CDs featuring images of sheep, tea and cakes, and many small radio features and sound pieces from my increasingly extensive collection of audio files. These retail at £4 each, but I am happy to swap them for CDs belonging to other artists who enjoy a DIY approach to packaging their music and creating their own audio.

I believe Liz is planning on joining me this coming Sunday; if you would like to come too, the Oakford Social Club can be found almost directly opposite the train station and I shall be trading – along with many other fine Reading artists – from noon onwards.

I hope to see you there!

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