Royal Berkshire County Show
Royal Berkshire County Show

…of agriculture-in-drag and some very fine sheep.

Liz’s Hen Do
Liz's Hen Do

Mikal, doing some knitting amidst our afternoon tea! I immensely enjoyed organising Liz’s Hen Do. I have never been to a Hen Do before, so I was slightly unsure as to what would be de rigueur. The Internet cafe where I worked in my early twenties was frequently assailed on weekend nights by drunken women […]

Wednesday’s Numbers *EDITED*

263 is the number of hours since we last saw Joey. In the evenings Mark and I can be found dolefully patrolling the streets calling ‘Joey, Joey, Joey’ to the stony silence of parked cars and catless driveways. We are both very sad about his disappearance and hopeful for his return. We believe the other, […]

Missability and Sound
Missability and Sound

…of why I work with sound.

The Missability Posts

I have been thinking a lot lately about The Missability Radio Show. Every year around this time, I start getting emails from the people who host the site, asking me if I want to pay again for it to remain online, and if I want to continue owning the domain name www.missability.com. ‘If I have […]


This is another illicit, in-between-assessing-and-assignment-writing post, stolen in a twenty minute gap along with lunch – which is a tasty little egg sandwich. In the spirit of my current mode of operation, today’s subject is the pleasureful nature of the mindless, fast, gratifyingly instantaneous knitting project. I’m talking about the sort of knitting project that […]

Wood before it catches fire

There is a fizzing excitement in wood when it is about to catch fire. Steam hisses from its cut ends & the surface prickles dryly. There is a beautiful rushing quality to the flames as they lick, river-like, on the wood, coaxing it to burn. The wood makes a sound like nerves or the buzz […]

James Wyness; Figure and Ground

Undertaking a PhD can be an isolating experience as I imagine many of you know, so a few weeks ago I started a thread on the yahoo phonography board to see if anyone was interested in participating in a sound-based correspondence. The idea was to swap CDs and to offer detailed feedback on each others’ […]

Sunday Art Market

Near me there is a bar which has, in a rather enlightened manner, opened itself up to artists of a Sunday, for trade. I have thus taken up a stall there and can be found some Sundays selling my finely-crafted wares. On sale at my stall shall be… Vintage buttons organised into sets and hand-sewn […]


Myself and the talented filmmaker behind Thursday Films – Martin Ellerbeck – have been working on something. After seeing the Journey of a blanket documentary that Martin worked on in partnership with Karen Draisey of CIAO! I became inspired about how we could create a related but different documentary focussing on connecting UK sheep breeds […]

The Sea

Since completing the West Highland Way I have begun investigating the other long-distance walks that I can explore in Britain, Scotland and Wales and I have become quite fascinated with The South West Coast Path. Looking out from the shore at Clovelly At 630 miles or so in length it is not something that I […]

The Knitting Tourist and some other Knitting News

‘This essay is meant for those who intend to work with their hands at any craft. Its subject is the serious and fundamental necessity of handwork as an essential function of the life of man.’ – Ethel & Philip Mairet, 1918, An Essay on Craft and Obedience I found this tantalising snippet of writing along […]

Reading, the Tour

View Reading Tour in a larger map Inspired by Kate’s York Craft Tour, I have put together my own little tour of Reading. I have made notes for all my destinations on the map and many of the places have already been written about in this blog, but I thought it would be good to […]

10 Joyous Things

Life is not so bad. I am extremely busy – as expected – with making Love Is Awesome work. But in between the knitting, the felt-making, the printing, the parts-ordering, the web-promotion, the emailing and the recording, I want to take the time to ennumerate 10 supremely happy things I’ve enjoyed this week, and to […]

Love hurts

‘What is the point in being artists, if we cannot save our lives? ‘ That is the cry that wakes us in our sleep… – Alice Walker, Horses make a landscape more beautiful. I am moving out of Mark’s house and through mutual and blameless consent we have decided to finish our partnership. I have […]


How amazing are the US election results? How mint is it that we have a sane, intelligent, thoughtful man leading the US Nation? Like Lara I don’t think that Obama can change everything or that his leadership will be faultless. He is taking on a country in the middle of a recession and a war; […]

Vegspiration 2

Knit your own vegetables in this imaginative workshop led by artist, knitter, writer and gardener, Felix. In this workshop you will: Learn how to organise your waste yarn for maximum vegetable-knitting   inspiration Learn techniques for improvising vegetables in the round Start knitting a vegetable of your choice and leave with all the materials you need […]

Dorrie’s Spirit Paintings

I went to Glastonbury this weekend to see my friend Dorrie’s exhibition. Dorrie has been my friend since I was 11; you can see her here talking to Mark. This is an exhibition of her Spirit paintings. These are two of my favourite images: Willomaia …and Saronaya Mironishka. I love the way Dorrie totally ignores […]

Last minute perfectionism

I am back from EXPO; it was amazing but I am quite tired now. Especially because at the eleventh hour I decided, in my preparations for the show, to embark on some fairly major make and do last-minute operations. I decided, for instance, that our custom-made Spoonflower Mundane Objects fabric ought to be turned into […]

Messy Tuesdays

Our kitchen roof collapsed. It was an old roof, made of horsehair plaster and lime and it had been threatening to give way for some time. I was not here when it happened and neither was Mark, so neither of us got to hear the deafening thud of huge lumps of plaster crashing down onto […]

WIP, FO and UFOs

Sadly there is no knitting content in this post; I’m saving that for my book review on ‘The Knitting Circle’ later this week. But I *am* going to talk about a Finished Object. The cheeky translation of radio show into knit-blog format probably requires a quick new lexicon so let’s get that down right away. […]

Birthday Joy

Yesterday was my birthday. I went to Brighton to do an interview on the Radio Reverb Arts Programme and to pick up a copy of The Argus so I could see this firsthand: …And so I could deliver our latest short to Radio Reverb. This one contains the ‘adventures in washing up’ jingle that I […]

The Joy of Sox

In my post this morning, I forgot to mention the massive confidence-boosting power that Liz’s lovely socks gave me yesterday, at the conference. Yes, it was the first time that I’ve worn the lovely socks she gave me before I had surgery. They are gorgeously soft, fit my feet perfectly, and nurture my toes in […]

Post-conference life

After the drive to Middlesborough on Wednesday, I felt like my body was still humming to the tone of my car for most of Thursday. It’s amazing how a long drive can leave you like that; sort of buzzing like your car’s engine for 24 hours afterwards… …and the drive from my brother’s place in […]

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