Wednesday’s Numbers *EDITED*

263 is the number of hours since we last saw Joey.

In the evenings Mark and I can be found dolefully patrolling the streets calling ‘Joey, Joey, Joey’ to the stony silence of parked cars and catless driveways. We are both very sad about his disappearance and hopeful for his return. We believe the other, bigger cats have bullied him away as just before he vanished there was an incident involving a broken cat flap, an aggressive stray, strange cat pee smells, and a sudden flurry of foreign felines invading the house.

In a bolting-the-stable-after-the-horse-has-bolted fashion, we have become extremely protective of Joey’s cat flap and are now trying to 1. trap the stray so we can report it to the RSPCA and have someone remove/deflea/rehome it and 2. trap the other cats and give them a good sousing with cold water so they realise it is NOT COOL for them to come in and run amok in Joey’s house. If Joey returns, we shall invest in a more sophisticated catflap which will only let him in, and we may consider the possibility of finding him a buddy who will stand up to all the badass cats around here.

Joey, (NOT hard as nails) please come back.

In other numbers news, 3 is the number of WEEKS that elements from the forthcoming Sonic Tuck Shop zine will be on display. The display will be visible in the window of the old KIK SPORTS shop in Reading from this Saturday to Monday 28th June, as part of Eat Reading.

This is the shop window that the display will be in; below is the front cover of the zine.

The Sonic Tuck Shop zine is currently being written and forty copies will be hand-printed and produced by me next week, and will go on sale via this website. The window display is to be a selection of pages/ideas/hints from inside the zine, for the delight and delectation of passersby. I have been assembling the work in Jelly’s amazing new space, which is wonderful as it means there has been enough room to lay everything out and organise the optimal arrangement of – for instance – my sonic popcorn ideas.

It is difficult to convey in digital photographs *exactly* the way that lurid pink letterpress ink sits on top of fluorescent paper, but I am very happy with the effect.

And the sonic popcorn does also come with instructions.

The whole display will be viewable Friday through to Sunday this coming weekend and next Wednesday, I shall be installing a temporary tea museum as part of the tea party at Jelly. This temporary tea museum shall be based on this.

Talking of food and drink, the number of WW points consumed lately has been quite large. For instance this Lyburn cheese and stilton consumed at the weekend along one of Mark’s Walk 2012 long-distance walks is estimated to contain around 16 points.

However, this high-density snack was offset by the 42 activity points I clocked up by tramping through the New Forest with all my camping stuff – a calorie allowance which I promptly squandered on ales and cheese.

2 is the number of little antennae possessed by this fine beetle, whose purposeful journey across the path in front of us compelled me to take a million photos. For further exciting macro-insect activity, you all should check out Liz’s post here.

I didn’t count the horses but there were many, and we couldn’t believe how lovely they are.

and finally 16 is the number of minutes left between now and my appointment at the Doctors for further blood tests following the discovery – last week – that I am now anemic. I must away to those, to the printing of ‘please check your sheds for our beloved moggie’ fliers, and to the continued labours of devising The Sonic Tuck Shop. I have more to tell you about – Audioboo, the sounds of the New Forest, and my day of sonic tuck, but these numbers must wait for Thursday.

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