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Jasper Purring – December 20
Jasper Purring - December 20

…of cats and their sounds.

FO: Simmer Dim
FO: Simmer Dim

…of presents, and knitting, and kitties and shawls, and wonderful handspun and other fun prettiness.

Friday’s numbers

19 is the number of WW points I intend to consume today; this began with a fruity breakfast of 2.5 points including a sachet of ‘oat so simple,’ and milk. 7:32am is the time today that I got a call from a kindly neighbour to announce that she had our Joey and 7:40am is the […]

Wednesday’s Numbers *EDITED*

263 is the number of hours since we last saw Joey. In the evenings Mark and I can be found dolefully patrolling the streets calling ‘Joey, Joey, Joey’ to the stony silence of parked cars and catless driveways. We are both very sad about his disappearance and hopeful for his return. We believe the other, […]

Cat Knits

Our Joey is big on sleep. I greatly admire how cute he can look when he’s asleep. Here he is on Mark’s lap (his favourite place for being cute) a few weeks ago. …and here he is, deciding that muck on his face can wait until after his nap for cleaning attention. Did I mention […]

The monthly camera contents review…

It’s come to that point when my camera is absolutely stuffed with photographs and I need to delete some. But before I dump them all into the recycle bin, I wanted to share a few of the choice and thus far undocumented moments of recent weeks in Spring, for prosperity, for inspiraton, for fun, and […]

Bonus post; Snow cat

It is snowing! The excitement is immense… will there be enough to make a snowman tomorrow? Joey does not know what to make of the snow; first of all he tried to lick each snowflake from his fur. Then he tried to hunt the snowflakes. Then he danced about, attempting to dodge the snowflakes. Then […]

Joey’s noises

Joey’s pitiful miaowing, mewing and other assorted cries have been very present in the soundscape of today. His miaow is uncertain & needy; a high, thin sound. I feel a bit bad about today’s SOUND BANK entry, since it doesn’t so much describe the actual sound of Joey’s miaows as well as it could, and […]

The new presence

We have a new creature in the home. He came to us via the Blue Cross Pet Adoption Scheme, is fiendishly difficult to photograph and wants me to stroke him rather than write this post. Yes; we have acquired a cat. I promise not to fill this blog with cute photos of him, but a […]

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