Friday’s numbers

19 is the number of WW points I intend to consume today; this began with a fruity breakfast of 2.5 points including a sachet of ‘oat so simple,’ and milk.

7:32am is the time today that I got a call from a kindly neighbour to announce that she had our Joey and 7:40am is the time that he was retrieved from her and bought home to a flurry of fuss and several slices of ham. I have barricaded the back door from the invading felines and this weekend will involve the purchase of an electromagnetic cat-flap which only Joey can use and a set of super-soakers with which to defend him from Others.

I have also promised never to turn him into mutant feline-inspired intarsia knitting and am now endeavouring to go in and out of the house without losing him again to the lure of the hidden, catless gardens which he now apparently favours over the cat-infested environs of Mark’s street…

When I bought Joey home he got very anxious and then I spotted 2 strange cats hanging out in Mark’s garden. Clearly we cannot keep the recalcitrant felines away, and I am not sure of the best course of action but I seriously favour finding Joey a buddy who will unite with him against the Others.

The Sonic Tuck Shop is being installed today and will be up for approximately 3 weeks! I had better get on that right away, along with the purchase of iron-tablets, dark meat and tasty green leaves (all low WW points, thankfully.)

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