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In Northmavine…
In Northmavine...

…of a super, super day spent in Northmavine with Hazel.

Layter launch and giveaway!
Layter launch and giveaway!

…of publishing a knitting pattern.

Clara & Margaret Black visit Hûrd
Clara & Margaret Black visit Hûrd

…of Clara and Margaret Black visiting Hûrd – A KNITSONIK™ PRODUKTION.


…of a new SONIK/SHEEP adventure for 2012.

The Royal Berkshire County Show
The Royal Berkshire County Show

…of noisy poultry, finest locally produced yarns, and the softness of sheep’s noses.

Wool at Reading Geek Night…
Wool at Reading Geek Night...

Last Tuesday I gave a talk at Reading Geek Night entitled “10 things you didn’t know about Wool.” Much of what I said in my talk will be old hat to seasoned knitters; you don’t need me to point out that shreddies are clearly NOT knitted by Nanas, nor that there are basic differences between […]

Knitting, Sounds, & Good Weekends continued…

I posted a few months ago about the importance of Good Weekends and so far, that is what today and tomorrow are shaping up to be. Incidentally, the grunting pigs sound which I posted from Mudchute Farm on that post is now up on the UK SoundMap (my new favourite thing!) and The London Sound […]

Good weekends

I’ve had two good weekends on the trot now, and it’s made me think about what makes a weekend good and what things I love doing on the weekend – especially when the weeks are extremely busy! Last weekend it was Lara’s birthday and so after my day spent at Didcot Railway Centre recording the […]

Cotswold Woollen Weavers Mill at Filkins, & the marvellous Richard Martin

Yesterday I finished editing a radio feature on The Cotswold Woollen Weavers Mill at Filkins – just over the Oxfordshire border – in Gloucestershire. I learned about this woollen mill when I saw that Robert Jarvis had used the sounds of the loom there in his composition – sounds of Oxfordshire. Robert kindly sent me […]

FO and Happy Christmas!

I am very excited to be typing from the midst of our Christmas celebrations and to be sitting here for the Big Day in my most recently finished FO. Mark took a few moments out from the basting, roasting, chopping, pouring, simmering and infusing in order to take some photos of me in it; here […]


I love reading about other people’s spinning. Caro wrote this post – spinning – on her blog last week, with a great description of why spinning is a good evening activity, whilst on the Bowerbird Knits blog the rich story of her latest sweater from Corriedale tops to finished sweater has been gradually unfolding throughout […]

Sheep: The remarkable story of the humble animal that built the modern world

It was with great excitement and high expectations that I read Alan Butler’s book; Sheep – The remarkable story of the humble animal that built the modern world. Opening with promisingly rapturous words on the importance of our ovine friends, the book goes on to deliver an account of the significance of sheep throughout the […]


On Sunday, my S H E E P focussed field-recording show played on London’s Resonance FM as part of the Framework afield programme series. You can stream the podcast for yourself here on the Framework website, for one week only. Here are the notes. /*framework*/ – phonography / field recording; contextual and decontextualized sound activity […]

Messy Wednesdays Sheep biscuits

To celebrate what has been an excellently grounding and sensible Messy Tuesday, I decided to make messy sheep biscuits for my packed lunch tomorrow. Unfortunately this creative spree lasted beyond midnight, making the sheep Messy Wednesdays Sheep rather than Messy Tuesdays Sheep. But I am sure you will think the lack of sleep worthwhile when […]

Oomska Tuesdays

On our recent jaunt in Sussex, Kate reminded me of the genius word Oomska. Oomska is a word used by Uncle Monty in the British Film Classic Withnail & I in the context of a wellington-boot buying expedition. At some point in the film Uncle Monty asserts that ‘We can’t possibly have you walking around […]

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