WIP, FO and UFOs

Sadly there is no knitting content in this post; I’m saving that for my book review on ‘The Knitting Circle’ later this week. But I *am* going to talk about a Finished Object. The cheeky translation of radio show into knit-blog format probably requires a quick new lexicon so let’s get that down right away.

On the headphones – currently undergoing the editing process
In the stash – audio files stored up for future use in radio projects
WIP – an incomplete radio show currently in development
UFO – an unfinished radio show
FO – completed radio show
Notions – jingles, linking text, backing-beats
Yarns – various styles and colours of audio material
Pattern – radio show script
Project – massive uberwork including 5 completed FOs plus some additional construction work

According to this lexicon I have currently got a very large stash, featuring mostly the variegated and richly textured yarns of the everyday soundscape. The stash is in need of some sorting but it is unlikely that this will ever happen, so I will continue to dig around in my appalling filing system to find the things I need for each stage of the Project. Here is a photo of The Stash:

I have one FO which can be heard at www.fantasticalreality.com/listen.html.
Here is a photo of the FO;

I have one WIP which is currently on the headphones – show #2. Here’s a sneak preview!

I have a pattern for this current WIP but am going to have to make a few adjustments as it needs shortening in places and lengthening in others and I’m not happy with how some sections have turned out:

See? Knitting content is possible even when you have been too busy editing a radio show to do anything with actual yarn!

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