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Blayter is a baby jacket knit in garter stitch, with pure Shetland wool. Its unusual construction conveys an impression of seamlessness, in homage to the way that shepherds take the fleece from a sheep all in one piece.

Blayter is knit vertically in 2 pieces from front to back over the shoulders. To finish, it is grafted together at the sides and centre back. Finally, a neckband is added, which provides some shaping and an opportunity to add buttonholes and buttons so that baby can be snug. The rows have been adjusted so that every stripe starts on the right side of the knitting, ensuring a clean transition between shades. All of the steps are detailed in the pattern, and a clear schematic shows how the jacket is constructed.

To knit Blayter you will need to know how to do a crochet-chain provisional cast on, mattress stitch, (for the underarm seams) and how to do kitchener stitch/graft in garter stitch.


Blayter – £3.95


Layter is a gently-fitting garter stitch jacket with a modular construction, celebrating the colours and textures of different sheep breeds and their wool. The varying shades and textures of different native breeds’ fleeces add interest to knitting the jacket, and the appearance of seamlessness in the construction is a homage to the way that skilled shearers remove sheep fleeces all as one piece. Layter is fitted to your waist measurement and directions are given in the pattern for knitting Layter to the following sizes:

To fit waist (in inches) XS(20-22), S(24-26), M(28-30), ML(32-34), L(36-38), XL(40-42)


Layter uses a wide variety of different British Sheep breed yarns from Blacker Yarns in order to produce a multi-breed, striped effect.

To create an equivalent garment in your size, you will need between 14 – 22 balls of Blacker Yarns DK weight yarn. Details on the yarns used in the sample garment are provided in the pattern along with tables to assist you in making a multi-breed, striped Layter in your own size. Additionally, blank schematics and tables have been provided to help you to plan your Layter if you wish to substitute with different yarns.

Layter – £3.95


A scarf knit in mosaic stitch and designed to resemble woven fabric.

Mairet – £1.95

Elizabeth Bridal Bunting – Free

A pattern for bunting parties!

An ideal group project for a group of hens, Elizabeth Bridal Bunting provides instructions on how to make triangular flags to hang on a long piece of i-cord. The flaglets can be adorned in any way you like; with ribbons, crocheted embellishments or buttons; they also look just lovely as they are. A mood board giving ideas on how to combine a rich array of white and cream shades is also available for download, but it is of course up to you what colours you use for the bunting!

This pattern was put together by me especially for Liz’s hen do and photos of the finished article hung in situ at her Wedding will be forthcoming in due course.

Elizabeth Bridal Bunting Pattern
Elizabeth Bridal Bunting Moodboard

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