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My life in textiles
My life in textiles

…of the 1980s and 90s in clothing.

My 1980s Birthday Party
My 1980s Birthday Party

…of birthday parties then and now.

10 – Saturday’s Number

10 is today’s magic number, as I have now lost 10% of my body weight since I joined WW just before Christmas. To celebrate, I took all the clothes that I didn’t like which were too big for me anyway, and deposited them at the nearby charity shop. To mark this splendid occasion and the […]


I was extremely taken with the Maud when Kate posted about it originally, and immediately vowed to make one once I read her directions on this traditional garment. Additionally, I was struck by both Kate and Rachael’s posts about Harris Tweed, and decided my Maud should be made with this stuff. I went in search […]

What to make from beginner’s handspun?

When we went to Woolfest earlier this year I was struck by the beauty of a project Liz was working on using her handspun. She explained rather modestly that she didn’t feel that her ‘learning’ handspun was good enough for garments or gifts and had ingeniously found a project which would both show off the […]

Shalom in York

Yesterday was spent in York. This choice of city was largely inspired by reading about Duttons and Betty’s tea shop a little while back. You must go! Amazing, brassica-inspired Betty’s tea-shop confection. Buttons at Duttons. It’s all just so good. It was wondrous to visit the teashop and eat cauliflower-shaped marzipan-covered cakes, to rummage through […]


I am amazed and delighted by the sheer quantity of produce emerging from our garden right now. Coming from untrained and totally suburban roots, the fact of growing my own food or producing stuff from the garden still feels like a constant miracle to me. Skills and knowledge are effortfully and deliberately acquired rather than […]

Stupid WordPress!

The carefully composed piece I just wrote about clothes, wool-winding, wardrobe healing etc. has all been demolished by some stupid, ‘Internal server error’ in WordPress. I am too annoyed to re-write it! But look: I wound all my wool! Thanks Ruth for all the help with winding the wool and wow, I won’t be buying […]

Home from Naples.

I always love to come home from a holiday, but one of the things that makes that homecoming extra special is a good bit of post. For instance, a letter from the AHRC saying that yes, I have funding for the remainder of my PhD studies. That’s the very best sort of homecoming to be […]


The generosity of The Internet and my blog readers never ceases to amaze me. I was in two minds about whether or not to post about wardrobe mess, fashion stress etc., yesterday and I am glad that the ‘just do it’ impetus won. You have all given me a lot to think about and some […]

Messy Tuesdays, and Thrifting a Holiday Wardrobe

*WARNING: contains Some Ranting* Mark actually pointed out that this ought to be my Messy Tuesdays post image for today. My wardrobe often gets into this kind of state. I find this reflective of my sense of overwhelm and distress surrounding clothes. Questions concerning how I should dress myself in relation to the larger issues […]

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