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Around the A4074 NOT going out on bank holiday Monday…

This was going to be an amazing post highlighting my upcoming radio show for this Monday, on BBC Oxford… but unfortunately, the BBC are not, afterall, going to be playing my show out on that date. In one sense this is discouraging; I have worked very hard on ‘Around the A4074’ throughout this whole summer, […]

Sunday’s Numbers

At the moment, I am all about greys and silvers. Grey is all I want to knit with, (Icelandic Lopi, unspun) all I want to read about, (The Sea Road by Margaret Elphinstone; lots of descriptions of icy, cold, grey landscapes) all I want to sew with, (slate grey and silver-white Donegal tweed that I’ve […]

In praise of Critical Engagement

I was recently prompted to blog about this by an exchange I had with Julia who writes the immensely enjoyable Historic Fibers blog. I recently enjoyed her post about Art Appreciation, though I disagree with her admittedly tongue-in-cheek assertion that the way to deal with inscrutable artworks is to maintain that they are ‘about the […]

Swaledale sea socks – a maritime yarn

This is the first sock I have made in which sound was an influence, and I think it may well be my very favourite sock. Last year when I was staying in Sussex, Kate and I took a walk on the beach and I found myself comparing the gorgeously light crunch of the seashells and […]

Make do and mend

Ages ago I got this kind of woollen smock from Primark. At the time I marvelled that something that was 80% pure lambswool could cost so little, since there is no way the yarn to knit such a thing could have been bought for a comparable price. It was about £10. I have loved the […]

Family Christmas

One of my brothers works on a cruise ship with his fiancee, Sian, and this means that our family Christmas is dictated by when they can come ashore. This means that this year our family Christmas was held on 28th November. I was very keen to handmake many of the gifts and in between writing […]

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