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FO: Swaledale Socks #2

The second pair of Swaledale Sonic Socks is finished! The first pair is described here, and my thoughts when I cast on the second pair in January, are here. The first pair had a very maritime theme, especially because of the beautiful swaledale yarn and its soft crunchiness, which reminds me of the sandy beaches […]

Swaledale sea socks – a maritime yarn

This is the first sock I have made in which sound was an influence, and I think it may well be my very favourite sock. Last year when I was staying in Sussex, Kate and I took a walk on the beach and I found myself comparing the gorgeously light crunch of the seashells and […]

FO: Carolyn’s Sweater

Today I personally delivered the completed Gansey/Guernsey of Carolyn Rawlinson to Prick Your Finger, in order that it get to The Jerwood Space in time for the Contemporary Makers Exhibition that Rachael’s UFO Project Administration Service is going to be shown in. Rachael made me take a photo of the rough bit on my finger […]

Knitting: FOs, feelings, future plans…

I have an instinct at the moment to completely swathe myself from head to toe in handknits like Bjork in the video for cocoon or Tita in the film Like Water for Chocolate. Yesterday, walking to knitting at the Royal Oak Pub along the Banbury road, I found an exciting side-street. The road is called […]

Love assignment #3: create a site-specific work for the knitted speakers

While I was doing my MA I knitted a soundsystem with 32 working, miniature speakers. This piece was the start of my obsession with The Domestic Soundscape, and I played many domestic recordings through the soundsystem once I had spent an entire night installing it. Here are the knitted speakers 1. being made 2. laid […]

Love Assignment #2: make a flier of your day

I am going to make the flier tonight, but as an exercise to warm me up and give me some illustration ideas, I thought I would get the text up here. Wake up. Lara’s House, 7am. Have overslept. Cold, dark, winter. COFFEE. I leave. Oxford Express to London. Knitting Hourglass sweater until travel-sick at Hillingdon. […]

Walking and Listening.

Thanks so much everyone for your help in identifying the mystery bird from my last post! I think you are all right and the sound I heard was a Great Tit singing. The first few files that I found through google relating to the birdsong of Great Tits didn’t sound at all like what I […]


How amazing are the US election results? How mint is it that we have a sane, intelligent, thoughtful man leading the US Nation? Like Lara I don’t think that Obama can change everything or that his leadership will be faultless. He is taking on a country in the middle of a recession and a war; […]


I appear to be having some kind of small arthritis flare up. The joints I know for sure have been actively flaring up in the past are very slightly aching but more than that, I’m absolutely shattered. One of the side effects of long-term illness and conditions is that they place an ongoing and difficult […]

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