FO: The sweater of Lakeland mountains in Spring

I was not totally sure on this colourway but I peservered with it because I loved the way the yarn suggests (at least to me) golden grasses, puffy clouds and open blue skies. It was a nice thing to be casting on with in the depths of winter and its sunny charms remain cheery. Knitting this in the lake district with Rachael and wandering around the hilltops in the sun, I found my ideas about the colours confirmed everywhere by the colours of the environment. From now on, this will be the sweater of Lakeland mountains in Spring. Hopefully you will be able to see why…

I really love how my impatient knitter’s sweater has turned out and the way the shaping worked in the end. I am very happy with the scoop-neckband, with the ribbed sides and with the 229g weight of the FO! It feels as light as a cloud.

When I started this sweater, my dream was to end up with a superbly fluffy, girly-girl, sweater-girl, give-me-some-popcorn-and-kiss-me kind of a garment.

I think that is what I have ended up with:

Photo taken by the lovely Emmylou.

Here is a photo to celebrate the fluffiness and the signature arms-out-self-photo.

More of Emmylou’s photographic handiwork… I really wanted a photo of the back, showing the shaping I added in to Chic Knits’ amazing Ribbed-Pullover pattern. Here is my nice bee button badge, I love the bee, flying about in the sadly discontinued Fleece Artist Cornflower colourway. I got this yarn in a sale a LOOooooOOOOoooooOOng time ago at Get Knitted with the intention of making a Kiri shawl from it. I hadn’t understood yardage, gauge or anything, so I still have over 1km left of this yarn! I plan to make matching Unmentionables so I can rock a fully knitted look.

Pattern: Ribbed Pullover from Chic Knits. Brilliant pattern, lots of options, worth every penny
Yarn: Fleece Artist Goldiehair, Cornflower colourway
Needles: Addi-turbos I think 3.75mm?
Ravelled: Here

6 Responses to FO: The sweater of Lakeland mountains in Spring

  1. Liz T. says:

    Great sweater – the fit is really flattering (and I apologize for all the times that I said the yarn looked like loft insulation!).

  2. Felix says:

    Thanks Liz! Since you posted your extremely swift comment, I ammended the post to include some photos of lovely puffy clouds, blue skies and wondrous, dried, yellowing grasses. I always hoped the finished garment would be more like these things than the dreaded loft-insulation!!

  3. hannah says:

    Hi Felix! Aw the sweater is looking lovely, how long did it take? Sorry I haven’t been back to Reading since the vegtables, it’s been a bit hectic! But what I learnt has been coming in super handy, in particular for knitting balaclavas!

  4. goneknitsup says:

    Felix, it looks fab! I fully expect you to be taken to drive-in movies and bought milkshakes while wearing it (spot the girl who watched Grease on TV the other day)!

  5. Ruth says:

    Looking stunning! the fit is gorgeous (as are the Lakes, of course :), and I can’t wait to see the LakelandSweater/Unmentionables outfit!

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