Car engines on TV: “Top Gear” sounds + “BADDIE’S” car in Tarantino film

Watching TV tonight, the sound of car engines & their specific tones or aural qualities stuck out for me.

On Top Gear, the sounds of a 3 V8 engine bellows was discussed, while in Tarantino’s “Deathproof,” the menacing sound of The Bad Guy’s car-engine became a very important sound in terms of building anticipation & fear. We were listening out for that specific sound; straining to hear its threatening tones in the soundtrack, signifying the presence and movements of The Bad Guy.

We talked then about how sound signals DANGER to us, & the movements of others especially when we can’t see them.

Reopening this SOUND BANK entry reminded me of this post on the Sound and Music blog which asks how cars will sound in the future, as combustion engines are gradually phased out and replaced with relatively silent electric engines.

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