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Thursday’s numbers

973846284648230473 is the number of messages left on various answerphones around Reading on Thursday when keys to the installation space for The Sonic Tuck Shop were nowhere to be found! 5.5 is the number of weight watchers points in a whole packet of Ainsley Harriott’s amazing Citrus Kick couscous. Couscous is an amazing lunch when […]

Scratches on records

There is a perfect DOT of sound when the stylus on a record player hits a scratch. Sort of prickly and bassy at the same time, the scratch quickly tails off into a kind of whispery, rustly, fizzing noise. But that first contact with a deep scratch – the “Bd” sound, is quite unique


If anyone reading this has been caught up in the last-minute provisions purchasing of Christmas, you may be familiar with the soundscape of the Supermarket at this time of year! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP Out of my way… fsh… sorry… aaaargh… sigh… OUT OF MY WAY… SORRY… AAAARGH! SIGH! SORRY… SIGH! FSH… This year’s trip […]

Pine needles, Scratching

While replacing decorations the cat had knocked down & repositioning various baubles & decorations on our tree, I noticed the very bristling, brushlike, rasping sound of the needles brushing against my fingertips & the ribbons. This made me think of & remember the specific sound of pine-needles dropping onto the ground on Xmas we had […]

Car engines on TV: “Top Gear” sounds + “BADDIE’S” car in Tarantino film

Watching TV tonight, the sound of car engines & their specific tones or aural qualities stuck out for me. On Top Gear, the sounds of a 3 V8 engine bellows was discussed, while in Tarantino’s “Deathproof,” the menacing sound of The Bad Guy’s car-engine became a very important sound in terms of building anticipation & […]

Different kinds of paper in pass-the-parcel

When playing pass-the-parcel today at The Oxford Bluestockings Xmas party, I was struck by the different sonic qualities of various types of wrapping paper. The foil papers have an almost tinny quality; a kind of treble, high-pitch (relatively!) rustle with a metallic twang. The brown or duller papers tend to make buckling, woody, more bassy […]

Bubbles in the bath

The sound of bubbles fizzing and popping in the bath is miniscule & dainty. A brittle, wet sound. Tiny bursts of sonic, watery waves.

Twig snapping in fire


Cutting Parsnips

soft, wet, firm sound of the parsnip’s surfaces and texture as it is cut low sound as it hits sideboard/worktop. MUCH NOISIER than a chopping board… SLEUSH… SHMUPP… STRIKE

Roadworks outside

high-pitched trilling mechanism panning machinery moving L to R white noise; the blocky sound of a generator or large engine rumble of breaking tarmac

The weir

(near the Oracle…) On the approach to the weir, a louder & louder ROAR becomes evident… a deep, dangerous, powerful DIN.

Horses passing

ROUND HOOF SUCKING CLOPPING MUDDY SOUND clop     clop clop clop clop clop rhythm of movement WHINNYING: exhale through the lips, with mouth closed but relaxed lips, so that escaping air makes flubbering sound. Also, vocal noise… Nnnnn the N of ‘neigh’ begins in the nose & travels down through the mouth and lips. […]

Joey’s noises

Joey’s pitiful miaowing, mewing and other assorted cries have been very present in the soundscape of today. His miaow is uncertain & needy; a high, thin sound. I feel a bit bad about today’s SOUND BANK entry, since it doesn’t so much describe the actual sound of Joey’s miaows as well as it could, and […]

Breaking Chocolate

Breaking squares of chocolate off a bar has a strangely soft, brittle, dense, snapping sound.

Swans Flying

I can’t recall *exactly* the sound of swans flying overhead; but I do remember their wings made a great sweeping sound & there was a high tone in the noise of their calls & movement. It was an assured sweep of wings; too strong for a flutter and yet not at all choppy or hard. […]

Cow slipping on ice

concentric circles of echoing harmonics with many thin tones built up on each other… The cow that slipped was this one, and I saw it when I was walking in Ditchling this time last year. This is Ethel Mairet’s sign, which hangs in the Ditchling Museum, just around the corner from where she had her […]

Wind in the last oak leaves

A very small sound like a thin rattle at the edge of the wind… shk, shk, shk, shk…

Wood before it catches fire

There is a fizzing excitement in wood when it is about to catch fire. Steam hisses from its cut ends & the surface prickles dryly. There is a beautiful rushing quality to the flames as they lick, river-like, on the wood, coaxing it to burn. The wood makes a sound like nerves or the buzz […]

Ice cracking

extreme hardness: kkkkkk-fsh-RUKSH-CRRRRRR can sound be ‘SHARP’? Snap. Crack. Brittle surfaces colliding & freezing friction Ice cracking: it is like glass being torn.

Pouring a beer

1. Get bottles out of cupboard. They CLINK together; a rolling, glassy resonant bang. 2. The short fzz/shhh as the cap is popped off the bottle. 3. The clunk of the glass being set down… 5. 4. The gentle zzzzzzz of the bubbles as the glass fills & the diminishing space produces a higher pitch.


Walking on frosty pavements; the occasional slip in the rhythm of my steps as I slide. The marble-like qualities of a frozen surface… a hard clacking sound.

SOUND BANK Advent Calendar
SOUND BANK Advent Calendar

Last year around the end of October I created the stationery for my SOUND BANK project. To do this, I screenprinted SOUND BANK onto 365 glassine envelopes along with space for the date, a title and a record number. Then I created for each envelope a letterpress-printed card on which to record (by means of […]


I appear to be having some kind of small arthritis flare up. The joints I know for sure have been actively flaring up in the past are very slightly aching but more than that, I’m absolutely shattered. One of the side effects of long-term illness and conditions is that they place an ongoing and difficult […]

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