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Layter giveaway winner…
Layter giveaway winner...

…of a winning entry to the Layter pattern giveaway!

Announcing the Snowcase Winner!

Remember this? I have been loving reading people’s lists of woolliness, written in response to the Snowcase contest post. You can read loads of great notes in the comments, but the entries that fully satisfied the entry criteria came in from Ellen, Liz, and Anna. I enjoyed different things about all these entries; for instance […]

The January 2010 BIG FREEZE Ravelry Projects Snowcase Contestâ„¢ UPDATE

The deadline for the contest has been moved yet again due to MORE SNOW! Do take up the coldness as an opportunity to don as many woollens as you can and get outside to be photographed in all your handmade finery. There are treats involved. And if anyone could help me spread the word, that […]

The January 2010 BIG FREEZE Ravelry Projects Snowcase Contestâ„¢ UPDATE

ETA – ***THE CLOSING DEADLINE FOR THE SNOWCASE HAS NOW BEEN EXTENDED AGAIN TO 10TH FEBRUARY BECAUSE THERE HAS BEEN MORE SNOW!*** There are 2 excellent entried to this context at Ellen’s Blog and Liz’s Blog and there is more snow expected this week! However, in the event that snow does not fall, and acknolwedging […]

The January 2010 BIG FREEZE Ravelry Projects Snowcase Contest™

Last night I went to bed with a hot-water bottle, wrapped in 2 blankets and a double-duvet, wearing 2 jumpers, a thin, long-sleeved vest, my pyjamas and a pair of woollen socks, and I was still cold and couldn’t get to sleep on account of the sound of my chattering teeth keeping me awake. I’m […]

Creative Challenges: Bowerbird C.O.N.T.E.S.T.

After reading Oxford Kitchen Yarn’s moving and well-written post on her creative aspirations for the next year, and following the links to Bowerbird’s C.O.N.T.E.S.T., I decided to put togther something here, detailing the creative challenges I want to set myself for between now and this point next year. I decided that, in the spirit of […]

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