Announcing the Snowcase Winner!

Remember this?

I have been loving reading people’s lists of woolliness, written in response to the Snowcase contest post. You can read loads of great notes in the comments, but the entries that fully satisfied the entry criteria came in from Ellen, Liz, and Anna. I enjoyed different things about all these entries; for instance I admired Ellen’s impressive layering skillz and her wool-positive assertion that 4 knitted tops ISN’T overkill! I for one would certainly wear four knitted tops in this horrific coldness if I possessed four such garments that would comfortably layer. But my penchant for rather loose-fitting garments means that such an experiment would result in my looking like a fashion-mistake duvet. I also liked the cheeky inclusion of a shopping bag in her entry; I thought it showed innovation and a distinctive knitterly flair for creativity being both handknitted and something that could reasonably be about the person of a knitter, even if it is not specifically a garment. I admired this tactical personal embellishment!

Photo used kindly with Ellen’s permission

Further evidence of the inventiveness that I so admire in the knitting community was shown in Anna’s entry to the competition. Frankly, I think that including her child and his handknits in a duo-posed photograph was a stroke of genius. In fact, when I saw the photograph I realised I should have added a caveat to the contest stating that any parents wishing to enter could include handknits they had made for their children in lieu of all the personal knitting abandoned in favour of clothing their little ones. Is *anyone* more beautifully accessorised than a small child who is loved by a knitter? Go here and check out Anna’s photo for yourself if you need convincing.

Liz’s entry to the contest possibly gains the most kudos for colour coordination. Observe the complimentary pinks, greys and creams adorning her person and the specialist, knitterly adaptations of familiar garments such as the pockets on the scarf and the own-design and infinitely sensible, flip-top mittens!

Photo used kindly with Liz’s permission

As usual it is difficult to pick a winner when the standards are so high, and so I have pointed up the entries according to the original Snowcase Contest rules:

For each knitted item that you manage to cram into your January 2010 BIG FREEZE Ravelry Projects Snowcase Contestâ„¢ entry photograph, you will score 1 point. However, consideration will also be given to the following elements of your entry;

1. Ingenuity of layering. How ingenious is your use of different, handknitted layers?
2. Inclusion of rare/highly-specific types of garments. Snoods, cowls, shawls, mufflers, and other items probably-only-owned-by-handknitters types of garments will all be viewed highly favourably in terms of overall entry score if incorporated.

According to this, the points to be awarded are as follow:

Ellen – garment count: 10 + ingenuity of layering (1 extra point for skillful garment layering) + inclusion of rare/specific types of garments (1 point for neckwarmer, 1 point for innovative inclusion of market bag in ensemble photograph)

Total: 13

Anna – garment count: 8 + ingenuity of layering (1 extra point for doubling up wristwarmers/mittens and cowl/scarf/shawl combo. Good layering skillz! Also 1 extra point for genius inclusion of child in contest photo, complete with adorable handknits and thoroughly charming smile) + inclusion of rare/specific types of garments (2 points for cowl and wristwarmers)

Total: 12

Liz – garment count: 8 + ingenuity of layering (1 extra point for skillful leg-warming action – 2 pairs of socks and legwarmers!) + inclusion of rare/specific types of garments (1 point for wearing what is specifically a Tam, 2 points for scarf with pockets and amazing flip-top mittens)

Total: 12

So it was a very close contest!!!

I realise my counting system is possibly flawed and in retrospect it would have been good to include some provision for own-designed items and handspun yarn since both of these types of things undoubtedly enhance one’s WOOLFACTOR, but it seems most unfair to retrospectively add these caveats to the points system. I suggest instead that we all just love on the woolly goodness of the own-design projects and handspun evidenced in all their glory amongst the entries.

I for one think you all have the WOOLFACTOR and am very happy that you entered The January 2010 BIG FREEZE Ravelry Projects Snowcase Contestâ„¢, but I think in the end we must admit that Ellen trounced everyone with her definitive, 4-sweater stance re: The Big Freeze; I’m so jealous of all those woolly layers that I’m seriously considering spending this whole year knitting jumpers in time for next Winter.

Massive congratulations to Ellen, I shall contact you about your prizewinnings. Thanks to everyone for leaving comments and to Liz, Anna and Samuel for bringing your WOOLFACTOR out to play in the cold! And thanks to Skeinqueen for the beautiful skein of yarn you donated to the prize-parcel.

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