The Winner!
The Winner!

…on the results of the Coronation Knits blog tour comment contest.

FO: Simmer Dim
FO: Simmer Dim

…of presents, and knitting, and kitties and shawls, and wonderful handspun and other fun prettiness.


The instant I saw Kate’s amazing hat – Tantallon (Rav pattern link) – I knew I had to make it! When I read the  A.D.D. knitter’s post on the subject I am ashamed to admit that I immediately began to badger Kate about when the pattern would be available, when I could begin knitting it, […]

The Sonic Tuck Shop Book at SoundFjord – EDITED

On Friday I put the finishing touches on the first 21 editions (of 40) of The Sonic Tuck Shop book. On Saturday, I packed them all into a suitcase along with some other hand-made goodies and made my way to Seven Sisters for the SoundFjord gallery launch, which was taking place in Unit 3b, Studio […]

Cat Knits

Our Joey is big on sleep. I greatly admire how cute he can look when he’s asleep. Here he is on Mark’s lap (his favourite place for being cute) a few weeks ago. …and here he is, deciding that muck on his face can wait until after his nap for cleaning attention. Did I mention […]

Sonic Death Monkey

Several online sound projects have come to my attention and it seems that either my subscribing to sound blogs etc. has reached saturation point, or else every other website I look at has suddenly decided to develop a sonic element to their online presence. I have been planning my ideas for World Listening Day, and […]

Sound Wonders and loving the ordinary

This week I got an email about a project exploring the idea of sound tourism, and the idea of a map detailing the world’s sound wonders. This is very interesting, both because I wonder what defines a sound wonder, and because I like very much the idea of selecting holiday destinations in the future based […]

Announcing the Snowcase Winner!

Remember this? I have been loving reading people’s lists of woolliness, written in response to the Snowcase contest post. You can read loads of great notes in the comments, but the entries that fully satisfied the entry criteria came in from Ellen, Liz, and Anna. I enjoyed different things about all these entries; for instance […]

The January 2010 BIG FREEZE Ravelry Projects Snowcase Contestâ„¢ UPDATE

The deadline for the contest has been moved yet again due to MORE SNOW! Do take up the coldness as an opportunity to don as many woollens as you can and get outside to be photographed in all your handmade finery. There are treats involved. And if anyone could help me spread the word, that […]

2010 parties

I am loving all the parties this year. I have maintained for a long time that I don’t really *like* parties… this is strange, because I do *really love* friends. But the stress of so many people I don’t know, the dreaded ‘so what do you DO?’ question, and the pressure to be entertaining and […]

The January 2010 BIG FREEZE Ravelry Projects Snowcase Contestâ„¢ UPDATE

ETA – ***THE CLOSING DEADLINE FOR THE SNOWCASE HAS NOW BEEN EXTENDED AGAIN TO 10TH FEBRUARY BECAUSE THERE HAS BEEN MORE SNOW!*** There are 2 excellent entried to this context at Ellen’s Blog and Liz’s Blog and there is more snow expected this week! However, in the event that snow does not fall, and acknolwedging […]

The January 2010 BIG FREEZE Ravelry Projects Snowcase Contest™

Last night I went to bed with a hot-water bottle, wrapped in 2 blankets and a double-duvet, wearing 2 jumpers, a thin, long-sleeved vest, my pyjamas and a pair of woollen socks, and I was still cold and couldn’t get to sleep on account of the sound of my chattering teeth keeping me awake. I’m […]


I have been loving reading people’s posts about how they are spending the cold and snowy spell indoors, and I’m really loving seeing so much appreciation for domestic space in the blogs that I follow. It is a time for loving the sheltering qualities of home. Nobody appreciates these sheltering qualities more than our mascot* […]

The Hub returns to the air tonight at 9pm.

Meerkat snowburrow The Hub is an independently produced radio programme, broadcast on BBC Oxford 95.2 FM, and celebrating local music, art, culture and other joy and it will be on BBC Oxford tonight at 9pm, featuring – among many other things – the creator of this season’s mascot, a knitted Meerkat produced by Niftyknits for […]

Niftyknits and our mascot for this season on The Hub!

I have a *thing* for Meerkats. From bouncing on the sofa excitedly at any appearance by Aleksandr Orlov on the TV to insisting on watching every annoyingly-voice-overed episode of Meerkat Manor, I cannot get enough of these animals and their behaviour. I readily sought out and absorbed Tim Clutton-Brock‘s book on the subject of Meerkat […]

Feasel & the Bear

I am not sure when Mark started calling me Feasel* or when I started calling Mark Bear, but time has consolidated the myth of Feasel & the Bear into several drawings, many little stories, and finally, a piece of knitwear. Exhibit # 1 – a drawing by me Exhibit # 2 – a drawing by […]

Bonus post; Snow cat

It is snowing! The excitement is immense… will there be enough to make a snowman tomorrow? Joey does not know what to make of the snow; first of all he tried to lick each snowflake from his fur. Then he tried to hunt the snowflakes. Then he danced about, attempting to dodge the snowflakes. Then […]

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