Monkl’s Review of Love is Awesome

Usually – at least according to Monkl – there are not enough bananas in modern Art shows. So when Monkl came to Love is Awesome, he took a banana along with him and put it there. Then he knew it was going to be a good show.

Monkl loves his knitted banana: to his mind it is my finest work to date.

Monkl liked Stav’s video piece especially the middle character who goes around telling everyone to spread the love and hugging them. I think Monkl was excited to see Stavroula on the television as he kept asking me later if she is famous and a movie-star like Audrey Hepburn. I don’t know how he knows about Audrey Hepburn, but somehow, he does.

Monkl wanted a spread the love t-shirt but they are all too big for him. I may have to make him one in Monkl size, using stranded knitting. Do you think it’s possible?

Monkl paid his respects to the Love is Awesome prints by climbing on them. He only climbs on his very favourite Art. Monkl likes the prints with the toasts very much but thought the whole display could be enhanced by a little knitted peel…

Monkl was a bit scared of the idea that there were monsters at Love is Awesome and he made them biscuits so they wouldn’t be hungry and eat him. He put banana flavour in the icing because we didn’t have any yellow. Monkl thinks red and blue food colouring are rubbish.

He does like using the monkey-shaped cookie-cutter though.

Monkl approached the monsters with great caution and timidity.

But he soon relaxed when he realised that Emmylou’s monsters are very friendly to monkeys.

I think they reached an amazing, interspecies understanding.

They liked the biscuits he made them.

Monkl got bored listening to the memoryphones. I think it was a bit long for his attention span.

Maybe that is why he started swinging from the second pair of knitted headphones…

Monkl especially liked using the rubber stamp station, but he did need a hand with using the printing blocks, to get a good impression.

He liked the bird stamp because he enjoyed the birds in our stairwell so much. Here he is climbing on the knitted speakers, (from which bird recordings emanate…) contemplating Emmylou’s bird print, and looking deeply into the crocheted Kingfisher and Budgie pieces made by Rachael.

After all the birdy action Monkl decided to take a nap on the pillowcase stuffed with The Sound That Keeps Me Awake At Night. It is the sound of the tap in my new place, which won’t stop running. It actually doesn’t keep me awake at night, but I am constantly aware of it as I lie in bed trying to get to sleep. The sound doesn’t seem to bother Monkl so much…

Monkl was curious to find that when he kissed Emmylou’s frog, it didn’t instantly turn into a Prince. I consoled him with the idea that perhaps it only works with desparate princesses?

Looking around Rachael’s Relics of an Awesome Picnic, Monkl was initially quite afraid of the skull, and he hid behind the giant glove in order to escape its menacing gaze.

…but then he got a look at the knitted sandwich and was overcome with the desire to nibble on it.

I had to tell him off a bit for biting The Art.

So then, in a slightly apologetic and chastened mood, Monkl decided that actually he thought the skull was a bit sad. He went to comfort it.

Finally, Monkl decided to write a little banana song and record the sound of a banana being peeled, for the Sound Bank project.

Monkl finished up his trip to Love is Awesome by looking at SAY YES for a little while. He asked me what to SAY YES to and I explained that the encouraging banner is about saying yes to what we most deeply dream and wish for in our lives, and not being afraid to chase those things. I think he understood, but it may have been a little deep for him as right away he fell asleep into a happy little Monkl doze.

I asked him what he thought of the show afterwards and he said ‘it was OK, but there could have been more bananas.’

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