More pretty cakes

The word is out there that I love all things featuring muffins, cakes, buns and biscuits in their design. This fact is now so famous that Liz’s mum – who I have never met – suggested to her when they were shopping somewhere, that I would love this plate.

I so totally do.

See how beautifully it matches with the pink mug that I have on the left hand side of the photo? I am the muffin queen.

The plate is perfectly sized and coloured to inject my life with lovely cupcake-wonderment and this is all the inspiration I need to get off my ass and go running again.

When I started Weight Watchers in January 2007, I remember how I started collecting knitted/felted/fake buns and cakes in all forms and shapes and sizes as a sort of personal joke. Calorie-free enjoyment of the cake and muffin-ness of confection saved me from the physical dangers of ACTUAL cream, butter and sugar. My life was full of cakes I couldn’t eat; it was a good strategy. Rather than making me think about cakes all the time, the craving for sweet, sugary, delicious comfort was satsified through sweet, sugary, delicious comforting objects rather than through eating.

But lately my standards have slipped.

It is time to shed the self-pity weight that has crept in. Time to put on my running shoes and run twice around the park opposite my house. Time to get a little bit of sunlight into the system.

So I didn’t have cake on my new plate this morning; instead, I had an egg fried extremely lightly in spray oil, on unbuttered fat-free bread featuring delicious, malty teff flour, and oats. Good running fuel.

I love the picture on the egg packet; I think the chicks look rather disgruntled though. Perhaps they are getting squashed by their mother who frankly looks a bit drugged if you ask me.

The new plan with bread is to make 1 x 500g loaf per week as my full allowance of bread. Once the loaf has been eaten, that’s it; no more bread until the following week. I am keen on integrating soughdough into this plan so there is a starter on the side, which I’m hoping to tempt lovely wild yeasts towards…

Mmmm. Wild food.

Plus there will be much more hippy food. Lentils and moth beans and haricots and borlotti beans and potatoes and other cheap deliciousness will feature in the new regime of joy. Also: tinned tomatoes, homemade pasta sauces, smoked mackerel with black pepper and jacket potatoes stuffed with roasted vegetables.

And all my cake cravings will be satisfied by this marvellous plate! Thanks so much Liz xxx

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