Blayter on a baby!

Back near the start of WOVEMBER, I released a new knitting pattern; a little baby jacket called Blayter.


You might remember that I mentioned there was a new arrival on the way in my extended family to coincide with this auspicious pattern release? Well, I’m delighted to announce that my gorgeous little nephew – Toby AKA THE TOBINATOR – is now with us and thriving. Here are Fergus (my brother) and Siân (my sister-in-law) with Toby at Christmas! They do look a bit tired, but I am a very proud big sister, and delighted to take on the role of Aunty Felix.


The first thing I did on hearing of Toby’s arrival in the world was to go out and buy a massive, sheepskin for him. I have very happy memories of lying on one of these as a tiny thing; apparently he loves it! Following this first 100% WOOL success, I got the newborn-size 100% Shetland Wool Blayter that I had knitted down to Croydon pretty sharpish, and then badgered Fergus incessantly for photos of him in it asked Fergus very nicely if I could have a photo of him in it, as he looks so cute that I thought you’d like to see.


Fergus is a supremely talented photographer. I love all of Ferg’s photos (not biased at all) but think he is particularly gifted at photographing people. His photos are full of love for the folks in them, and this is nowhere more evident than in his pictures of Toby and Siân. In Ferg’s photos of Toby, I sense a reverence for his wee boy’s tininess, and there is a warmth and softness about the pictures which I find very moving.


…Toby has clearly inspired other knitters: is that not a Jean Greenhowe Clown that I espy? This was apparently knitted by one of my Dad’s supremely talented patients, which reminds me that when I was little, I also had a comrade made by one of the women recovering on my Dad’s hopsital ward. I had (smelly)elly until I was eighteen years old… I hope Toby has his clownbuddy for a long time; it is very jolly!



The Blayter sadly will not be with him for much longer as he has already pretty much outgrown it! And I know from how quickly Mark’s boys have grown over the last (nearly nine) years, that these very sweet little fingers won’t stay so small for long.


Luckily, I’ve knit another Blayter to keep up with this one as he grows bigger and stronger… just have to do the side seams and sort out the neck band. Now if only I could figure out a way to knit some SLEEP for his parents, we’d have everything sorted.



All photos in this post are © Fergus Ford, and if you want to clad your smalls in Blayter, you can find the pattern here.

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