2010 parties

I am loving all the parties this year. I have maintained for a long time that I don’t really *like* parties… this is strange, because I do *really love* friends. But the stress of so many people I don’t know, the dreaded ‘so what do you DO?’ question, and the pressure to be entertaining and sociable when what I really want to do is partake of some joyous, solitary activity has been enough to put me off parties for the past few years. However I am realising that a little more partying might be good for the soul and that maybe it is something fun that I like doing. For instance, I really enjoyed being LEGOMEN with Mark at New Year in Weymouth. There was something extremely fun about trying to coordinate our dance moves according to the anatomy of lego men – no bending of knees, no sideways or hip movements at all, arms semi-bent at all times and hands constantly maintaining the c shaped classic lego grip position. The costumes were extremely lo-fi, mostly involving buckets and paper mache and very cheap clothes of the sort I would normally never purchase or endorse.

…I also thoroughly enjoyed the sausages and cider party that we threw here a couple of weekends ago; it was a fantastic opportunity to share the cider we have made and the giant order of sausages that we got as a Christmas present from my Mum last year at Christmas, and I really loved seeing so many friends and feasting so royally together on the first vaguely sunny day of the year.

Thanks so much to everyone for coming!

Finally, last weekend, I enjoyed very much revisiting the 1980s with the help of Stav and Rachael – my two 1980s style-consultants – who sport the 1980s look extremely well themselves. I think Rachael looks especially good as Slash from Guns’n’Roses, and I have been very inspired by recent news from Prick Your Finger that shoulderpads are in stock!

Stav lent me this legendary piece of knitwear. It is made of something incredibly synthetic and pearlescent and had only one shoulderpad still left in it. I fashioned a new pair of shoulderpads, consulted some style tutorials on 1980s makeup and let Stav loose on my hair for a completely new haircut. Then I bleached my hair, DIY style, with a bottle of colourant that cost about £3. I imagine I will have to spend considerably more than this getting it back into some sort of everyday-wearable condition, but I had a lot of fun doing the opposite of what I normally do with makeup and suchlike (i.e. absolutely nothing) and revisiting the silly fun of my girlhood days of dressing up.

All this play was considerably enhanced by the fact that Mark let me do his makeup and consult on his own plans to attend the 1980s party at the weekend dressed as Kraftwerk.

I do like a manly man with eyeliner.

I think maybe this spirit of fun and dressing up would be a good thing to integrate more into everyday life – along with my newfound enjoyment of parties!

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